Religious Rejects

Religious Rejects

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# 52 Rejects are back! and the fourth of July
July 06, 2017

The Rejects are back again. And this time, they're clean!  for the first time ever.   No curse words.  We talk about racism, patriotism and nationalism.  Seth Gustaffson, Jared's brother join us for this one.   Email us:...

#51 Jamie's stand up comedy and what is it to be funny
April 08, 2017

This week we finally go over jamie's recorded first time on stage doing stand up comedy.  We also talk about basic joke structure and what it is to be funny.

#50 Jared's dreams and the morphology of gentials with Hannah Ray
April 08, 2017

We are back after a long absence, and we finally have our first clean (ish) episode.   We are joined by longtime guest Hannah Ray.  We cover Jared's perception of dreams as pertains to his wierd dream-like encounter with his younger self,...

#49 Jamie and Jared take a car ride
March 08, 2017

Come be a backseat passenger as Jamie and Jared podcast from a car. We talk about the four steps toward empathy, the defection of Megan from the Westboro Baptist Church, unconsciously recreating phalluses as buildings, Jamie's random notes, and Taylor...

#48 Jamie and Jared are Reunited and it feels so good! and Krystal's still popping
February 22, 2017

after doing their own respective shows and failing miserably, Jared and Jamie are back together.  Krystal shares her struggles with OCD and belief, Jared gets his ass smacked and complains about reverse sexism, and Jared and Jamie argue about...

#47 Jared's sick, so Jamie Goes Solo!
February 18, 2017

Jared's deathly sick, so Jamie goes solo for this week's episode.  He talks about Las Vegas, dicks, and reads listener emails.  

#46 Cristal's Popping, Drugs in Vegas, and Ditching Tradition!
February 08, 2017

Jamie's in Vegas and so we're lacking dick jokes! Krystal comes on and joins the G bros for a wild time. After pondering the moment our parts were deemed "naughty," we talk with Jamie who's high in an Uber, then reminisce about good times in...

#45 A Very Dark and Scary Podcast
February 01, 2017

Seth, Jared's brother, joins us this week for a very dark podcast where we explore some heinous topics where people get very uncomfortable, in a fun kind of way.  

#44 Rice Krispies Treat gifts, more Hitler, and mirror neurons
January 25, 2017

Rob join us again, as well as a call from the great Hannah Ray.  We talk about Trump, another segment of "empathizing with Hitler," Jamie's masturbation schedule, Rob's crazy LYFT experience, and Jared speaks of our mirror neurons' ability....

#43 Toshiva ADD and empathizing with Hitler
January 18, 2017

Rob joins us on the podcast once again.  Also, we have a new segment on the podcast called "empathizing with Hitler" and we diagnose each other with ADD.