Relentless Geekery

Relentless Geekery

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Episode 99 – Big Stars!
May 19, 2022

Overview Some name dropping going on today – Weird Al and Armin Shimerman specifically. But before that, we discuss getting a new car and what the options are. Plus, we don’t get the big RV’s and why

Episode 98 – Improve the World
May 12, 2022

Overview Once again, we are here to help you and solve all the problems in the world. we start off by talking about bucket lists. Where did the term come from and what does it mean? What a better life

Episode 97 – Fan Expo Cleveland
May 03, 2022

Overview This past weekend Alan and Stephen attended Fan Expo in Cleveland. This is the old Wizard World convention. While we enjoy the comics, there is so much more to enjoy. Both Stephen and Alan en

Episode 96 – Are We Alone?
April 28, 2022

Overview We conclude our tech talk of the last couple weeks – at least for now. This time, it’s still a bit about remote work, but how things synch up and you can keep settings across platforms. Then

Episode 95 – Remote Tech
April 27, 2022

Overview Al is back in California, so we have a lengthy discussion on how much easier it is to work remote compared to several decades ago. We talk a bit about how open source software has helped us a

Episode 94 – Get it right tech!
April 14, 2022

Overview The times have changed with tech. We focus on the weird HDMI issues and copy protection. And the connectors? Do you know all the problems caused by people plugging things into the wrong ports

Episode 93 – COVID, Moon Knight and Batman
April 04, 2022

Overview COVID is still around and still has people catching it – and there are new variants. We don’t usually complain, but we have complaints about non-COVID believers and the other thinking of thes

Episode 92 – The Fillion Guiding Hand
April 04, 2022

Overview Stephen and Alan discuss something that is more philosophical and less geeky, yet it ties in with Nathan Fillion and how he has guided Stephen in life choices. You just need to listen. We do

Episode 91 – Geeky media
March 14, 2022

Overview Alan with his orange skynet starts us off today. Actually, it’s only briefly mentioned before we are off on tv and movie zoom backgrounds and then mental health. Not overall health, but witne

Episode 90 – FIRE
March 08, 2022

Overview If you didn’t know, Alan likes orange. And we start off discussing why his Skynet is orange. So geeky in many ways. Do you know what the FIRE movement is? It stands for Financial Independence