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Episode 109 – New Tech
August 04, 2022

Overview Even though we don’t cover all our chosen topics, we flow between talking about tech topics quite nicely. Stephen just got a new computer to put together and Alan got a new Apple Watch. In be

Episode 108 – Comics, Magazines, and TV
July 27, 2022

Overview Magazines, remember those? We talk about reading magazines and how that has changed. We talk comics and books – genre’s which are all over the board. Recommendations Collectorz – https://www.

Episode 107 – Variety
July 24, 2022

Overview We are all over the board today. Even more than usual. The Webb telescope has allowed us to see back in time. Target shooting is fun, even if you don’t want to hunt. Missing the Mensa AG and

Episode 106 – Updates and Organization
July 14, 2022

Overview Yes, we have topics planned, but we start off talking about drugs, and media control, and not accepting of facts, and how all these things tie in. Stephen has an announcement of a project he

Episode 105 – Missing Mensa AG and State of the Nation
July 07, 2022

Overview Alan should be going to the Mensa AG and giving his talk. Instead, he needs to fly to California about family business. We discuss what an AG is like and what we enjoy the most. Then the disc

Episode 104 – Flying
July 07, 2022

Overview Alan is once again flying, so we discuss how flying has changed over the last several decades. Using websites and apps and the ability to get up to the minute updates and seat changes. We dis

Episode 103 – Automation and Show Catch Up
June 27, 2022

Overview Alan had to deal with a situation where app automation would have been helpful. This includes apps to help with travel plans. And with traveling and trying to automate, various cloud services

Episode 102 – AG program and M1 problem
June 16, 2022

Overview The Mensa AG is coming quickly. If you’ve never attended, there are so many great programs and we talk a bit about them here. There is also a problem with the Apple M1 chip. We discuss what t

Episode 101 – Supernatural Conference and WWDC
June 09, 2022

Overview Stephen attended the Supernatural con in Chicago and tells all about it, including the awesome concert with Louden Swain. Alan has been virtually attending the Apple WorldWide Develop Confere

Episode 101 – Memorial Weekend – Uh Oh!
June 09, 2022

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