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Episode 63 – Kathy Kerestman Talk
August 05, 2021

Kathy is the author of Creepy Cat – a collection of tales about her travels to spooky places. She talks about her love of horror, starting with Dark Shadows. Kathy has been all over the world and rega

Episode 62 – Tech Support, Tech Problems, New Tech
August 05, 2021

We start off today after having not been able to troubleshoot tech problems. As Al says, two Codger Alpha Geeks that are usually the ones to fix things, can’t figure this out. Very frustrating. Talkin

Episode 61 – All The News
July 20, 2021

We do a catch up with a bunch of news. Of course it’s not just the news, we pontificate on each item. Our big Clued Up event from last Saturday was canceled due to rain. We hope to do it next year. Ne

Episode 60 – Black Widow and Weekend Plans
July 13, 2021

We have an upcoming, outdoor Clue type mystery game this weekend we are playing in Cleveland. Fun times running around solving things with friends. Stephen talks about the great book/audiobook Console

Episode 59 – Witch Hunts
July 06, 2021

Stephen spent the weekend at a writer’s retreat in Salem, MA, so we start off discussing that and lead into talking about witch hunts in general. Lots of fun facts when talking about the whole Salem w

Episode 58 – Asimov, Russel, Putt Putt, and Windows
June 29, 2021

We hit the topic – Bam Bam Bam One of the first items of discussion is books, and particularly the two that I am reading – Foundation by Isaac Asimov and The Silent Corner (Jane Hawk) by Dean R. Koont

Episode 57 – Construction, Comics, and Inclusion
June 22, 2021

Now that the weather is nice there are several naturous hiking adventures we reminesce. Alan has gotten a new garage – but what an adventure. There are some cool geek things in modern construction that we discuss. Plus,

Episode 56 – Fun and Wonder
June 16, 2021

Today’s theme seems to be fun and wonder. These are things that kids have but adults tend to lose and we wonder why. We start off talking about Stephen’s brother in law getting a Steve Austin (Bionic Man) doll from Gina, and he loved it.

Episode 55 – Live Broadcast: Working from Home
June 08, 2021

We have another special episode that we recorded live. The topic is working from home, which we have quite a bit of experience with. In the past year, more people have started working from home and discovered there are good and bad aspects to doing so,...

Episode 54 – Tabletop Simulator and Apple Dev Con
June 01, 2021

We tie everything together nicely today – how tech has changed and that has changed the games we play, but we can still play old board games using Tabletop Simulator. And with Apple’s Developers Conference next week,