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EP212 8 Actions to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence
May 03, 2021

Have you worked with someone who was IQ smart but emotionally unintelligent? They are often at the center of confusion and conflict. Worse, they often don't have the capacity or desire to resolve conflict. Take these 8 actions and use them as markers...

EP211 Transformational Leadership with Ron Carucci
April 05, 2021

National influencer and consultant, Ron Carucci, joined me for a thought-provoking and entertaining discussion. Listen and learn from Ron - he's got a terrific style and I count him in as a "Relatable Leader". Thank you for listening and subscribing...

EP210 What Excites You About Tomorrow?
March 29, 2021

Includes leadership tips for upper managers.

Happy New Year 2021
January 11, 2021

Coping skills for this challenging time. Update on registration for my trainings.

EP208 Leadership Lessons from the AG World
September 25, 2020

Random Phone Call Interview

EP207 I Never Really Cared About My Career
September 03, 2020

Random Phone Calls

EP206 Minimize Video Meeting Fatigue
August 31, 2020

In this episode I question the legality of "demanding" people turn on their video cameras if there are people outside of the organization in the meeting. I also provide suggestions for dealing with the potential invasion of privacy when people are...

EP205 What Lessons are You Learning During the Pandemic?
July 29, 2020

Hear what three leaders say about the lessons they've learned during the Covid-19 crisis and tell me about the things you've learned! Also: 6 questions leaders - and you - should be asking for effective leadership relationship building. 

EP204 Sensitive Leadership in Times of Crisis
June 15, 2020

The past few months have been a time to take a step back, reflect on current needs and options, adaptability, and taking action to support each other and take good care of ourselves. In this episode I share insightful thoughts from another influencer...

EP203 Living In Uncertainty
April 03, 2020

As long as this stay-in-place order is in effect, I will produce some unofficial Relatable Leader episodes to touch base with you. Stay home so our healthcare workers don't have to continue working in this condition longer than is necessary. Take good...