The Reembody Podcast

The Reembody Podcast

The Practitioner who Overcame Burnout

June 14, 2021

Hope for Healthcare, Episode 11 |  with Tiffany North

This is Hope for Healthcare, where patients and providers share the messy, intimate, real stories that have defined their relationship with healthcare--and might just help you define yours.

“When I worked at the hospital, it felt like I could pour every ounce of myself into trying to help people, and make very little impact... Now, I have the agency to help people in a way that doesn't harm me.”Tiffany north

Tiffany North, RN

As an RN, Certified Intuitive Eating counselor, and creator of the Food Attachment Model , Coach Tiffany helps women with disordered eating finally heal their relationship with food so they find freedom, balance, and satisfaction. She helps clients to stop the binge/shame/restrict cycle. Her coaching is focused on body respect and is a HAES and anti-diet approach.

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