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Episode #67 - Scary Movie 2
November 01, 2019

It's time to end the scary for 2019. And what better way to end then discuss an amazing achievement in pre-9/11 cinema, Scary Movie 2. Poltergeist, The Exorcist, and Nike commercials

Episode #66 - Halloween 2 (2009)
October 28, 2019

Spooktober is fully underway folks, and for episode 66(6) we decided to do Halloween 2 by the podcast's close personal friend Rob Zombie. The guys and Kyle get so deep into Michael Myers they all spoke with pure Shrek accents by the end of this pod. They

Episode #65 - Wild Wild West
October 22, 2019

It is physically impossible to say the words Wild Wild West and not put a little bit of Will Smith in it. We put that theory to the test for what felt like 2 hours. With help of new roommate and best friend (Kyle is dead to us… and also was busy during th

Episode #64 - The MOD Squad
October 08, 2019

We watched The MOD Squad. We talked about The MOD Squad. We did a MODPOD, that’s it, that’s the pun. We’re just trying to emotionally prepare you for what was at the moment we recorded it, the worst podcast we’ve ever done… In honor of Kyle’s favorite mov

Episode #63 - The Wedding Date
September 24, 2019

Meg’s getting married! That’s right, Nick’s younger sister is taking the next step but before they can tie the knot they had to get her only brother’s blessing… which he would only give live on his bad movies podcast. Along with her soon to be husband, “B

Episode #62 - The Dark Tower
September 09, 2019

Cross over to a new dimension of high hopes and desolate results. Nick and Stephen go Tommyknockers deep into KingWorld, analyzing the Hollywood flop that was The Dark Tower (2017

Episode #61 - The Little Rascals
August 29, 2019

We’ll get you, you little rascals, and your little dog too! That’s right, we did the classic, the little known prequel to Scooby Doo… The Little Rascals! The guys with guest Ted turn into Little Rascals themselves talking everything from the iconic “I got

Episode #60 - Gone in 60 Seconds
August 13, 2019

For our 60th episode we dipped into the classics. A cult classic, a Nic Cage classic and a classic what did I just watch. The guys and returning guest Derek "The" Lamb "Man" drive deep into Nic Cage character acting, bad car chases, and how Freb is one th

Episode #59 - Men in Black: International
August 02, 2019

We did our second live review of the summer, Men in Black (colon) International. Not even a neuralizer can save you from what happens in this movie. Nick and Stephen are alone in the headquarters and almost burn the place to the ground. They do top 5 MIB

Episode #58 - The Beach
July 25, 2019

Two idiots and Brittany decide to talk about Danny Bolye’s worst film, and it gets REAL weird. We finally introduce the world to the genius that is our social media guru, and why a Southeast Asia sabbatical to an overcrowded island can lead yourself into