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Episode 16 - More Stories that .......just happened!
March 30, 2020

Join us this week folks as we're gettin' a little "Quarantine Crazy" and just telling some stories that we couldn't believe ......just happened.  Listen to get some tips and tricks and maybe some "hey, I might try that this season" or maybe some "hey, I .

Episode 15 - Did that really happen in the woods?
March 23, 2020

Join us this week folks as we talk about stories that we couldn't believe happened to us, let alone anyone else believe it! Join Todd Millard, Bill Thom, Scott Goodall and the Patriarch of Redneck Country, Don Millard around the campfire as they share ...

Episode 14 - You even Turkey Call Bro?
March 15, 2020

Join us this week as we discuss Turkey Callin' - what's worked for us.....what hasn't and what else we're up to in the Outdoor Community! Join Todd Millard, Bill Thom, Scott Goodall around the campfire as they share stories afield that you can relate t...

Episode 13 - We Be Clubbin' - "What kind of Shotgun is that?!?"
March 09, 2020

Hey Folks, this week we get talkin' Gun Clubs and Shotguns!!"I'm nervous heading to a gun club for the first time!""Why do these Trapshooters have such a high comb on their gun?  Why these big ribs?"  "Can I just shoot my pump?!?" Join Todd Millard, ...

Episode 12 - How'd you get started? Do you still have fun?
March 02, 2020

Do you still have fun when huntin’?  Do you feel you have to buy ALL the gear to get out in the woods?  How do you get started?  Do you just get a gun license and go?  WHAT DO YOU NEED? Fun – You just need FUN!  Embark on the journey with us as we disc...

Episode 11 - The Rednecks go HUNTING for Fish
February 24, 2020

WOULD YOU GET NAKED TO SAVE YOUR DAD'S/FAMILY MEMBER'S/BUDDY'S FISH?!? Heck yeah we would....WE HAVE! - IT COULD'VE BEEN A RECORD!!The Real Rednecks don't fish....THEY HUNT! So how do they catch trout....THEY HUNT 'EM UP!! Here the long standing family ..

Episode 10 - Walleye or Pickerel?!? TIPS FROM THE PREDATOR!
February 16, 2020

This week we're leaving the woods and hittin' the water!  Walleye / Pickerel season is comin' up and we got one of the best speaking about how to put limits in your boat in a hurry!!Walleye or Pickerel?  Who cares!?!  Just don't sue us when you got "Ten..

Episode 9 - Turkeys! - OFF THE RAILS - Special Guest Call-in Throws us some CRAZY - CWTF Sponsored
February 10, 2020

Hey Folks, this week we start to discuss how we keep huntin' fun and excitin' - in the Turkey woods!!  BUT THEN......a special guest call in out of nowhere TAKES THIS PODCAST OFF THE RAILS!!  Hear from the Patriarch of Redneck Country and listen to CRAZY.

Episode 8 - Redneck Ninja's on the Gobble - CWTF Sponsored
February 03, 2020

Hey Folks, this week we become Ninja's - in the Turkey woods!!  Join us for a couple of our successes and how we made it happen leading up to the last story of REDNECK NINJAS and gettin' inventive! This episode is brought to you by.....The "CANADIAN WI...

Episode 7 - The Secret Weapon of Getting Permission and "Interfering with a Lawful Hunt"?!?
January 27, 2020

HUNTIN’ PERMISSION’S SECRET WEAPON - Drive by that dream field or woods that you know is loaded with your favorite animal to hunt? Ever have a hard time getting permission? ALL THE TIME!! And guess what - We've got the secret weapon that seems to work fo.