Red Carpet Retirement™

Red Carpet Retirement™

Meet Your Red Carpet Retirement Host Adam Scott, CFP® (Ep. 1)

October 25, 2022

Here at Red Carpet Retirement™, we help Make Work Optional™ for successful pre-retirees and retirees by helping to enhance and secure their financial future. We do our best work with business owners and highly successful individuals from the entertainment and creative industries. Listen and learn today!

In this first episode, Adam Scott, CFP®, starts his podcast with stories about his experiences in the entertainment industry and how he got into the financial services industry. Adam shares what success looks like to him and what to expect in future episodes.

Adam discusses: 

  • How he got into the financial services industry
  • Why he enjoys working with business owners and people in the entertainment industry
  • What you can expect from the Red Carpet Retirement™ Podcast
  • And more


Connect with Adam Scott, CFP®: 

Phone: 310-220-4946