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Real Spill Nation

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S2 E2 "New York Chronicles"
August 19, 2019

Real Spill Nation is back for another week of Real Spill Nation Podcast with your hosts MoneyNetwork and Lito Dinero.  This week we sit down and discuss Money's recent trip to New York City and talk about the lessons learned in the big city.  Are Top Rapp

S2 E1 "The Black Bar List" with The Das Effect & Ugly Boy
May 20, 2019

Back like we never left!  Real Spill Nation, the number one podcast in Central Texas with your host MoneyNetwork.  This week we sit down with The Das Effect & Ugly Boy of The Black Bar List to talk all about brands, branding and THE LIST! We bring bac

Season 2 Prelude
May 17, 2019

Real Spill Nation Season 2

Ep 49 "The Social Redemption"
January 08, 2019

Welcome to 2019 and New Years Resolutions This week our own MoneyNetwork launched his EP "The Social Redemption" streaming on al platforms and at We play a game of "Keep One Delete One" Denzel Washington's career vs Will Smith's career We

Ep 48 "Create The Wave!" feat Dalton "Rook Deeds" Dellsperger
December 17, 2018

This week we are excited to welcome the one of the founders and creators of the TownWave App. TownWave is designed to help undiscovered musicians expand their following locally. Our main focus is to provide artists & bands with tools to organically e

Ep 47 "An Unbiased Society" feat Retro Hendrix & Sunny Diamondz
December 10, 2018

This week's Special Guest: Retro Hendrix (@RetroHendrix) & Sunny Diamondz (@gold_chainz3)   This week:   We get #RealSpill at its finest and deep dive in to - Is College Necessary?  - ALOT OF VETERAN TALK! -Kevin Hart's "Homophobic" tweets -Black vs A

Ep 46 "Stay Focused" feat. Arrogant MMB
November 30, 2018

This week MoneyNetwork holds it down with special guest Clothing Designer and Musician Arrogant MMB (@Arrogant_MMB), we talk:  - Arrogant MMB and Arrogant Genetic Genes ( the Clothing Line)   - Freestyling and the elements of being an EmCee  - The Cypher

Ep 45 "Blood Lines"
November 05, 2018

This week we talk: Video Games Passports MoneyNetwork's time in the Army and his Eye Surgery We revisit MoneyNetwork's heritage and his understanding of his lineage LAME! Our guest canceled on us so we have a free flowing conversation bringing back our Re

Ep 44 "My City Made Me" feat. Ugly Boy of The Black Bar List
October 29, 2018

This week's Special Guest: Ugly Boy of The Black Bar List (@TheBlackBarList)  This week:  We get into the mind of a creative and unique director, Ugly Boy, of The Black Bar List. He drops some gems on capturing visuals, designing graphics, being an entrep

Ep 43 "Migos Is A Trigger Word"
October 15, 2018

This week:   We catch up with the world on UFC 229 reactions Conor McGregor vs Khabib Discuss Drake being open about the Kanye West and push T situation on Lebron James "The Shop"  and a comment about The Migos and The Beatles starts a never ending deb