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The Realm Kast

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With Adoni Maropis, Mortal Kombat Conquest’s Quan Chi
August 18, 2020

Welcome to the eighth episode of the Realm Kast! On this episode we are joined by Adoni Maropis, who played Quan Chi in MK Conquest! Adoni takes us through his […]

tabmok99 on Mortal Kombat’s Forgotten Lore
July 09, 2020

Welcome to the seventh episode of the Realm Kast! This time we are joined by the CEO of Mortal Kombat, tabmok99! On this episode we bring up MK Media outside […]

With Jeffrey Meek, Mortal Kombat Conquest’s Raiden & Shao Kahn
June 23, 2020

Jeffrey Meek is our special guest this episode where we discuss Jeffrey Meek’s input and thoughts on his roles as Raiden and Shao Kahn in Mortal Kombat Conquest as well […]

The Aftermath Discussion
June 05, 2020

Welcome to the fifth episode of the Realm Kast! This one is extra special as we have three returning guests in the same episode; The4thSnake, HistoryBehindTheWarrior, and Mike from The […]

History Behind The Warrior talks Aftermath, Fujin, and Sheeva
May 14, 2020

Fujin makes his return to the series after 14 years, whilst Sheeva also makes a comeback with a whole new design since her last appearance in MK9, and both are […]

Chris Casamassa on Scorpion’s Revenge, The Mortal Kombat Movie, and Conquest
May 07, 2020

Joining us this episode is our special guest Chris Casamassa, who played Scorpion in the 1993 movie as well as the follow up series. During this episode we go into […]

Lore, Retcons, Leaks, & MK’s Future with The4thSnake
April 23, 2020

We are joined by our special guest The4thSnake for this episode, where we dive into the lore of Mortal Kombat. From the 2D era, to the 3D era, all the […]

Final Kombat and the MK Encyclopedia
March 30, 2020

We spend this podkast discussing the recent Final Kombat, including directly related topics such as the tournament itself, the Spawn trailer (and release), the Animated movie trailer, MK's direction, and possible Kombat Pack 2.