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Really, Though‽ Podcast

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202: The Last of the Pre-'Rona Recordings
April 27, 2020

Well lookee what we have here... Somehow we neglected to post the last pre-COVID 19 recording - what horrible screw-ups we are ( least one of us). No additional summary here, just enjoy the sounds of some jackasses hanging out before our lives we

200: We On FIRE!! (Redux)
March 16, 2020

The hot sauces are back and we're in for some more punishment. Additionally, we quickly chat about Rocky watching Birds of Prey and Bad Boys For Life. Then much like last time, Rick gets real extra with the sauces and that's where lots of the hilarity com

199: "It was ME, Barry!"
March 05, 2020

Still not sure how we got there right at the top but we kick off this episode by analyzing how The Flash [and other speedsters] actually move while running - to the point where we're spending time discussing their strides (lol). And we can't get through a

198: Absorb Your Chi, Man
February 24, 2020

Random topics discussed on this episode (in no particular order): Late-night tv What we watched as kids Garbage reality shows The Real World The Amazing Jonathan documentary Answer the Internet questions Rocky's take on religion Rick's Fl

197: Music Music Music
February 04, 2020

We kick off this week's podcast as we do many others, just kind of meandering around subjects - in this case, it's talking about movies. After a bit, we hone in on a more centralized discussion point - that being reviewing the recently announced Oscar nom

196: First Recording of the New Year
January 20, 2020

In which our heroes go into an unnecessary long discussion about fireworks and the legality of said fireworks in our local Miami. Rocky also reveals the ridiculous t-shirt he designed for/about Rick (follow the link: 'Ricky, Though‽') and tries to convinc

195: "Fuck You You Privileged Piece of Shit"
January 13, 2020

In which we get into various random conversations (what's new, right?) - ranging from some Marvel TV/Studios news, is Ghost Rider just made up of bones under his clothing or is he a man with a fire-skull, how Fox botched both the Silver Surfer and Galactu

194: Debating 'Good' vs 'Entertaining' Movies
January 01, 2020

We've touched on it many times over the years but the discussion about 2019's Charlie's Angels takes us further down the rabbit hole about what makes a 'good movie' versus what just makes an 'entertaining movie.' We spend quite a good amount of time going

December 25, 2019

Because we're extremely topical, the frontend of this week's podcast discusses Chris' mortality and how it may relate to the Popeye's Chicken Sandwich - additionally, we talk about how foolish some people act for a goddamn sandwich. We then once again dip

192: Whole Lotta Disney Going On
December 22, 2019

It's a Disney-filled episode! As we're still pulling from recordings made just a little while back, we get into a bunch of Disney+ stuff (it was about to launch when this was being recorded), which naturally segues into just overall Disney convo - specifi