Really, Though‽ Podcast

Really, Though‽ Podcast


December 25, 2019

Because we're extremely topical, the frontend of this week's podcast discusses Chris' mortality and how it may relate to the Popeye's Chicken Sandwich - additionally, we talk about how foolish some people act for a goddamn sandwich.
We then once again dip our toe in the realm of sneakers and [naturally] segue into discussing Kanye's latest: Jesus Is King - which takes us down a path where Rick shares how/why he disconnects from various forms of religion-centric music before circling back to some of the Kanye discography.
Lastly, as Star Wars become more and more prevalent in popular culture, leading towards Rise of Skywalker, we take another moment to chat about it and evaluate where we each stand on the overall Star Wars saga as of this time.


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