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Ep. 20 – Still fighting, learning and growing? | All this Millennial talk is garbage.
April 01, 2016

  After a 2 week hiatus, I am back. Plus Ep. 19 was only 30 mins…one of my shorter ones, maybe 2nd shortest ever. Ah well its the value not the length. Lets be real: This podcast is hard. Talking to myself with lack of content creates a headac

Ep. 19 – Trump compared to Hitler? | Content train moving forward.
March 18, 2016

Donald Trump spent his life as a real estate developer putting up countless apartment buildings, casinos, and hotels. Unless he is living a secret double life, how can he be compared to Hitler by the media? One word: Propaganda. My content train keeps it

Ep. 18 – Bloggers remorse | Whats it really take to drive a real estate business…
March 11, 2016

After a frustrating conversation from an online sales “lead” from a (most-likely) “millennial”, I was left venting  on my blog. But after the anger subdued, I was left feeling embarrassed, nervous and stupid about my post. In othe

Ep. 17 – Local agents don’t want to lose money so how can sellers save?
March 03, 2016

Trying to save home sellers money on commission isn’t as easy as it sounds. Agents are steering home buyers away from homes that aren’t offering the standard commission rates. So is there a place for this real estate model, or should I stop b

Ep. 16 – NJ town bans real estate soliciting | Seth Godin talks real estate
February 24, 2016

When they pass a law that bans real estate soliciting, shouldn’t that be a hint not to knock on doors? Nah, i’ll just get a permit. Seth Godin says he would be the assistant football coach in an effort to build his real estate empire. Oh, and

Ep 15. – Even Trump hates Realtors, oh, I’m also a marketing guru
February 17, 2016

Donald Trump slams Realtors, claiming political lobbyists are worse than Realtors. Some take offense while others tout their marketing. MLS and go to lunch is what they teach still. If there is something wrong with your house, don’t worry, I am her

Ep 14. New poll ranks agents below attorneys, bankers.
February 10, 2016

A new Gallup poll ranks agents below attorneys and bankers. The ethical rating of real estate agents hasn’t changed in decades. Agents are in the news, ripping off elderly home owners and promising to buy your home if it doesn’t sell. Ep 14.

Ep 13. Veteran Agents Lie | Rookie Agents Beg
February 03, 2016

Being a real estate agent isn’t all fun, games and big money. 2016 has shown to be a headache in the local market. Veteran agents think their smarter than everyone else while newbie agents are sticking to their new year resolution with cold calling

Ep. 12 – Real Estate agents phasing out like the Dodo bird?
January 27, 2016

Reading articles that speak to me which makes me realize the true focus of my real estate brand. Also, Dan Kennedy makes millions telling people how to advertise, so I am glad him and I are on the same page. Ep. 12 – Real Estate agents phasing out

Ep. 11 – Tech firms still missing the mark
January 06, 2016

Hey everyone, back from last weeks Podcast flop. This week I am back with a standard version of the RFM podcast. Tech firms keep missing the mark as they squander to disrupt the real estate industry. But the world doesn’t need another database, doe