Real Estate Disruptors

Real Estate Disruptors

Dave Payerchin Shares How He and His Partner RJ Pepino Bring in 6 Figures per Month Through 100+ Rental Properties

November 20, 2020

Dave Payerchin talks about how he hit it big out of the gate, lost everything, partnered up with RJ Pepino, and grew to a portfolio of that brings in $100k+ per month. We also talk about partnerships & why single family is better than multi-family when building your portfolio.

Video Replay of Interview with Dave Payerchin

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Dave Payerchin Shares How He & RJ Pepino Bring in 6 Figures per Month Through 100+ Rental Properties

With Dave Payerchin, Sell House Columbus

November 18, 2020

About Dave Payerchin

Dave Payerchin made his way to Phoenix, Arizona from Cleveland, Ohio right out of high school to work in the Valley’s booming construction industry. A chance encounter with a former classmate steered him to working for MCI Worldcom as a telemarketer. Since he wasn’t old enough to hit the bar scene and didn’t know anyone in Phoenix, Dave hung out at Borders bookstore reading sales books and eventually real estate investor books.

After showing up at work one morning to be told that MCI Worldcom had basically folded up overnight, Dave jumped into real estate with two feet. He knew nothing except what he had read in a few books, but thanks to a Phoenix real estate market that was on fire in 2005, Dave made and closed deals, but eventually went bankrupt when the market crashed and easy bank money dried up overnight. Once again, Dave was out of work.

Eventually Dave began working for and met RJ Pepino at a conference. Fast forward a few years, and Dave and RJ team up on some deals in Columbus, Ohio. They worked primarily with BRRRR strategies (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) to build a portfolio of rental properties. Now Dave and RJ are big proponents of owning single family rental properties for income and wealth growth.

Connect with or find more information about Dave on Instagram, and RJ on Instagram. You can visit Sell House Columbus online here.

Show NotesDave and Steve discuss how Dave became a real estate investor, lessons he learned along the way, failures, restarting, and succeeding with a partner. They discuss multifamily vs. single family, why holding rental properties is a successful strategy in today’s market, and ways to get started for new investors.

Top 5 Takeaways from Dave:5.  Don’t go it alone. The people in real estate networking groups aren’t your enemies; they’re your resources. Don’t be afraid to share and ask for help.

4. Partnerships are just like marriages. Sometimes one person moves or evolves faster than the other, but you have to be willing to work together and pull each other along as needed.

3. Single family rentals represent a massive opportunity right now because of the...