Real Estate Disruptors

Real Estate Disruptors

Cody Purtle & Jared Graves Share How They Went From $300k+ in 2019 to $1MM+ in 2020

November 12, 2020

Cody Purtle & Jared Graves talk about how they got started in real estate separately, partnered up, pivoted in the time of COVID, and why 2020 is their best year yet.

Video Replay of Interview with Cody Purtle & Jared Graves

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Cody Purtle & Jared Graves Share How They Went From $300k+ in 2019 to $1MM+ in 2020

With Cody Purtle and Jared Graves, Texas Size Real Estate

November 11, 2020

About Cody Purtle and Jared Graves

Cody Purtle and Jared Graves each worked in the oil and gas industry, doing back-breaking manual labor with pipelines and heavy equipment.Cody decided to get out after Hurricane Harvey slammed into Houston, diving into real estate as a novice.

Jared left the hard labor as a project manager in oil and gas for a desk job when he took custody of his three kids. He also took a 50% pay cut, which didn’t sit well with him. He too looked to real estate as a means to escape his regular job.

Both struggled initially, but learned as they went. Jared found Cody on Facebook, and the two connected over a wholesale deal. After that, they partnered up and used their talents to build a wholesaling business. They really bloomed when Covid-19 and lockdowns hit. Instead of shutting down or pressing pause, they increased their marketing and efforts. The gamble paid off big, as their business boomed, they have expanded to other states and are continuing their upward trajectory. And their book is being released on December 12, 2020, which you can check out at

Connect with or find more information about Cody on Facebook or Instagram, and Jared on Facebook or Instagram.

Show Notes

Cody and Jared join Steve to discuss how they created a partnership as they learned real estate and built a business. They discuss missteps, losses, the books and education that made a big difference, and their strategies and triumphs. This is a real tale of two guys who chased their dreams and made it big.

Top 5 Takeaways from Cody and Jared:

5.  Don’t get caught up in buying software, doing this, doing that. Just pick up the phone and call, put out bandit signs, get a deal. You can figure it out as you go.

4. When you need to hire people, hire them. But have a process for interviewing and evaluating them.