Real Estate Disruptors

Real Estate Disruptors

Where to Find the Best Private Money Lenders

May 05, 2020

So in the last video we talked about the 2 questions you should ask every one of your sellers at the closing table.

And in the video before that, we discussed the 3 types of people that make great private lenders…

Oh you didn’t see them? Go back now and check them out… go on.. we’ll wait for you…

Ok so now that you’re all caught up, let talk about how we use the information of those 3 types of lenders, and where to find them. So where could we find all these business owners, licensed professionals, and real estate professionals in one place so we don’t have to do a throw it against the wall and see what sticks mailing. Drum roll please!!

If you haven’t joined your local chamber of commerce yet, stop what you’re doing, call them now and join immediately! For those of you that need a reason, we’ll give you 3.

1) When you join the chamber, along with the welcome pack you will also receive a list of all the members and their contacts. You could market straight to this list exclusively and probably raise all the capital you would ever need.
2) Chamber members take each other’s calls. As a member, you have built in credibility, and as I mentioned, raising capital is 100% about credibility.
3) At least once a month, the chamber puts on a function with one sole purpose in mind, to put you in front of all their business owners, licensed professionals, and real estate professionals, in a relaxed relationship building setting. Now if that isn’t like shooting fish in a barrel I don’t know what is.

Bam, if I had a mike to drop right now I would be dropping it. I told you that we were going to show you things that you haven’t heard anywhere else…

Now in the next video we are going to take it one step further… we are going to tell you exactly what to say to those business owners, licensed professionals, and real estate professionals once you actually meet them.

Oh and now I can tell you that we are only — days away from our big reveal, and I couldn’t be more excited. I know I said it before, but the stuff that I’m sharing here is all a result of my collaboration with my personal mentor and believe me when I say that we are just touching the tip of the iceberg. So stay tuned…

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