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Real Estate Disruptors

2 Questions You Must Ask Every Seller

May 04, 2020

If you watched my last 2 videos, you’ve no doubt realized that I have a mentor helping me navigate today’s interesting landscape. If you recall, he made it through the 2001 and 2007 recessions.

I am so excited about the stuff I’ve been learning and getting to share with you, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.
So if you remember, I promised you 2 questions that you could ask your sellers at the closing table, which could make you unlimited profits, well here they are…

There are 2 questions 99% of all investors forget to ask their high equity seller at the closing table, and as a result leave hundreds of thousands of dollars if not more on the table.

Question 1: what else do you have? My mentor bought a 240 lot MHP in TX a few years back, for 750k. 100k down 650k in a SECOND. No payments or interest on the 650k for 1 year.
He asked the seller question 1. The seller’s response was that this was his last MHP. He had 5 others that he had sold over a year ago and this was his last.
Imagine if my mentor had dealt with him 1 year before? He could’ve bought all six that way, and might have been a 7FigureSitter by now.

Question 2: what are you going to do with all that money? Raising private money is not a little bit about credibility, it’s all about credibility. Now, when you are sitting across the table from them, as they are receiving a check, having proven your a man or woman of your word. You’re a deal maker. And you obviously have great taste in houses, heck you bought theirs. You will never have a higher position of credibility than you do at this minute. So when you ask question number 2, this is most likely how it will go.

You: “So, Mr house seller, what are you gonna do with all that money now that you’ve sold the old house?”
(The answer is always the same!!)
Seller: “Well, I was planning on paying off some bills, doing something nice for the family, then putting the rest into a CD.”
You: “You know, most of those CD’s don’t offer more than 1-1/2 to 2%. What if I told you that you could make anywhere from 6-8% investing with me in solid real estate projects just like the one we just did with you. Did you realize that the deal we just did was through a backer that was once just a seller just like you? Now he’s making 6-8% on his money and couldn’t be happier.”
Seller: “Really, Tell me more.”

You may have to re-review the info I just gave you to make sure it sinks in. This tip alone could net you millions of dollars to your bottom line!!
So You remember in the last email how we talked about the 3 types of individuals that make great private lenders? (If not go back to that email and check it out) well in the next email I’m going to show you how where to find these people and how to use that information raise as much capital as you’ll ever need.
Oh and we are getting closer to the big announcement on our collaboration that will help you to be able to take advantage of all the opportunities that will come out of all the volatility of this uncertain market….

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