Read Me Romance

Read Me Romance

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THE CATCH by Leslie Pike
May 30, 2023

Memphis Triple A baseball player Boone Swift is hoping for more than first base with Lucinda Sutton. He’s heading for home. - Boone’s got the next five and ten years of his life mapped out. Lucinda is

May 23, 2023

A failing farm, a menacing neighbor, and an alien warrior in her barn - The farm Rosie inherited might not be much but its hers, and shes determined to hang on to it. Unfortunately, her land-grabbi

May 16, 2023

Athena Anderson is young ambitious journalist fresh out of grad school & excited about her first assignment for Capital Exchange Magazine. - Grant Winters rules his corporate domain with an iron fist

May 02, 2023

This bossy billionaire needs rid of one building. This sassy librarian isnt going down without a fight. - Luke It was supposed to be a simple acquisition. But the current librarian is making it anyt

FLESHING IT OUT by Karla Doyle
April 25, 2023

LAURA - When my son asks if Ill rent the spare bedroom to his new friend from work, I figure, why not? The house is too quiet since my twenty-five-year-old baby moved out. I never thought Id miss th

Podcast Episode 207: BLAZING IN THE BLIZZARD by Ofelia Martinez
April 18, 2023

Joanna - One person stands in the way of getting my promotion: Roger Kemp, Industrial Novembers band manager. Ive covered the band for nearly a decade, and our tte--ttes have been my favorite spo

Podcast Episode 206: BIG TEX by Imani Jay
March 28, 2023

Superstar football player, Colt Big Tex Garcia, is a tall glass of water, and your girl has been parched for a long time - Ive been stupid for my older brothers ridiculously hot teammate from the

Podcast Episode 205: STALKED BY THE IRISHMAN by Emma Bray
March 21, 2023

One look. That's all it took for me to fall hopelessly in love with Rachel. My Rachel. I'll do anything for her. The pretty little barista doesn't even know me. But I make it my mission to know everyt

Podcast Episode 204: CHARMED by Alexa Riley
March 14, 2023

Every day Charlie goes to sketch a beautiful building thats been under construction. Shes drawn to it for some reason, and it makes her paints come alive. On the day the painting is to be finished,

Podcast Episode 203.2 – BREAKING THE BEAT by Cata Ree
March 09, 2023

Every Friday night for the last few weeks, Elora Warrington has been thoroughly distracted at work. Its not a particularly difficult job making coffee at Welsby Universitys campus coffee shop. That