Raw Islam with Imam Azhar

Raw Islam with Imam Azhar

Raw Islam 85: Religion on Death Row

May 05, 2020

This episode of the Raw Islam podcast opens on a very somber note, as Imam Azhar addresses the arson attack on a mosque in the United States. While he wanted to talk more on this topic, as you know, the concept of the show is that you, the listeners get to pick the issue that we talk about in our weekly Twitter poll, and the winner this week was “Religion on Death Row.”

There have been court cases where an inmate on death row has requested that an Imam prays with him before his execution. The request went as far up as the Supreme Court. If the Constitution of the United States guarantees us the freedom of religion, doesn’t that mean that someone on death row has the right to have an Imam or Buddhist Priest with them in their final moments?

The same week that this news broke, Omar Suleiman gave the opening prayer in the House of Representatives. After he gave this prayer, he was targeted online as being anti-Semitic for his personal on Palestine and Gaza.

The bigger question then becomes, is it religion in America on death row, or is it just Islam?

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