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Della Pearl
August 06, 2021

Finally had my buddies from Della Pearl stop by to record an episode! Ive watched these guys put in an insane amount of time and dedication into this band, and I can't wait to watch their path to suc

Corduroy Brown
July 29, 2021

My guest today is a singer/songwriter from West Virginia, Alan "Corduroy" Brown.I dont even know where to begin with this one...We covered a wide variety of topics ranging from growing up in Appalachia , being a musician, mental health, and Corduroys lite

Stephen Johns' Story
June 20, 2021

Happy Fathers day to all the dads out there!Todays episode is focused around former Dallas Stars defenseman Stephen Johns.Johns had his career come to an early end at just 29 years old due to a constant battle with head injuries.Johns suffered from debili

Mental Health vol. 6
May 24, 2021

So many of you awesome listeners have requested another installment of the  "Mental Health" series, well May is mental health awareness month so I thought it'd  be a perfect time and opportunity to bring Kacy back for a "Mental Health" episode.On volume 6

Who is the MMA G.O.A.T?
April 28, 2021

Kamaru Usman. 13 fight win streak, 3 time defending champ. Welterweight dominance.How would he match up with my boy GSP?Let me know your thoughts! 

SPORTS.....and TikTok
April 12, 2021

Stars fighting to make the playoffsRangers trying to avoid losing 100 gamesThe UFC is poppin, as alwaysGolf is underway and the Masters tournament has a new winner......and TikTok 

The New Heavyweight Champ
March 29, 2021

UFC 260 Recap!My boy Suga Sean looked great, Woodley looked washed up, Ngannou took the crown, and Paddy The Baddy Pimblett is here !Make sure to subscribe and leave a review wherever you listen!

Preston Scott/ Alex Engelhardt/ Josh Burch (Small Room Sessions Q&A)
March 11, 2021

Sat down with the boys and went over the questions yall sent in!This one got a little wild....we had alot of laughs, alot of drinks, and most importantly......had a great time!Make sure to follow the Rated JG facebook page and tune in on March 19th @7:30p

Rubes Brews
March 05, 2021

FINALLY got to link up with the one....the only......Chris Rubio of Rubes Brews!Rubes brewed up a special edition Rated JG Citrus White Ale for us, and let me tell you, it was worth the wait! Notes of citrus, orange peel, and coriander make for one bad a*