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Rated JG

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Ep:49 Mental Health Vol. 5 (JustinKace)
September 16, 2020

Episodes on mental health  are one of, if not my favorite episodes to record. We never claim to be professionals, just try to offer a helping hand and a listening ear to anyone who needs it.On this episode we go over suicide prevention month/ winter month

Ep:48 Dallas Stars Are The Most Exciting Team in the NHL!!
September 07, 2020

Interim head coach? Backup goalie? Two top defensemen, out for the near future? Sounds like a recipe for failure...right?WRONGThe Dallas Stars have taken what most would consider a "short end of the stick" and made it into an intense playoff run to their

Ep:47 Drinkin N Thinkin 10 Min Rants (Times Have Changed)
August 31, 2020

Topic: Times Have ChangedIn a world where alot of people are scraping by......"Tik Tok-ers" and "Prank" Youtube channels are millionaires? Kinda crazy to think about! I go into this and more on todays episode!Beer Reviewed: Lone Star Rio JadeRatedjgpodcas

Ep:46 Things are Looking Up
August 17, 2020

Had a fun Birthday weekend filled with UFC/ Dallas Stars wins/Friends and family.THANK YOU for all the support thus far, and make sure to check out our new websitewww.ratedjgpodcast.com for merch

Ep: 45 Drinkin N Thinkin (It Sucks Being A DFW Sports Fan)
August 10, 2020

Todays topic: How bad it sucks being a DFW sports fan.Todays beer: Melted Rocky Roads and Waffle Cones Ice Cream Ale (Martin House Brewery)Axe and Sledge Discount code: JGILL10 for 10% off all orders

Ep: 44 Bourbon With The Boys (Zach Chustz & Corey Ross)
July 30, 2020

So, after 3 hours of drinking heavily while live-streaming UFC Fight Night we decided it would be a great idea to record a podcast! Hope you enjoy loud laughter and nonsense conversations with friends AXE & SLEDGE Supplements discount code JGILL10 for 10%

Ep:43 Drinkin N Thinkin 10 Min Rants (Guilty By Your Surroundings?/NEW AFFILIATE)
July 21, 2020

I survived the Rona, and got a new sponsor/affiliate!On today's episode of Drinkin  N Thinkin, I take a deep dive into the question "Are you guilty by your surroundings?" Beer Reviewed: Karbach Brewing Company-Tasty Waves Also, im a proud new member of th

Ep: 42 Coronavirus Update/ How I Proposed to Kacy/ Not So Small Town(JustinKace)
July 15, 2020

*DISCLAIMER* Yes I tested postive a few weeks ago. Yes I have followed EVERY guideline from my Physician. Yes I have been quarantined (literally have not left my home) in weeks.  Yes I am feeling leaps and bounds better than I did when I originally contra

Ep: 41 Wedding Anniversary/ Meeting The Fighter & The Kid (JustinKace)
July 02, 2020

Kacy and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary in San Antonio and had an absolute blast!!This episode recaps our awesome, laugh-filled weekend.I FANGIRLED over meeting two of my idols (Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen), and I even made them laugh (so

Ep: 40 Drinkin N Thinkin 10 Minute Rants (Tattoos)
June 22, 2020

2020 is a weird time. People do outlandish and off the wall things, daily. But amidst all of the chaos and "new normal".......tattoos are STILL looked at as a taboo topic?I dont understand it. I never have understood it. And I never will