Rasslin' Ramblins

Rasslin' Ramblins

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Rasslin Ramblins IG TV 2
September 10, 2018

Part two from last week's return!

Rasslin Ramblins IG TV Episode 1
September 03, 2018

Perhaps the return of Rasslin' Ramblins to the internet waves, Hart and LP drop a short episode g...

Rasslin' Ramblins #15
December 03, 2016

This week Hart and LP discuss the Goldberg/Brock non-match and continue on from there.

Rasslin' Ramblins #14
September 11, 2016

Hart and LP are back again with discussion on the new iPhone, CM Punk (Phil Brooks) UFC debut, an...

Rasslin' Ramblins #13
May 16, 2016

This week, the return! Cold open right into the discussion!

Rasslin' Ramblins #12
January 23, 2016

It's a TRIPLE THREAT this week as Hart and LP have Steve-O (No, not that one) in on the discussio...

Rasslin' Ramblins #11
January 05, 2016

This week, Hart and LP discuss the Slammy's, the Ref's ability to do their job, the #littlethings...

Rasslin' Ramblins #10
December 27, 2015

This week, with the way the holiday fell, we take you down memory lane with an audio version of t...

Rasslin' Ramblins #9
December 20, 2015

This week, Hart and LP break down their predictions for the TLC PPV and see how they did, discuss...

Rasslin' Ramblins #8
December 12, 2015

Welcome to episode #8! This week Hart and LP talk about some of the old NXT shows before it becam...