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Raising Your Paws- Your resource for dog & cat pet parents

080 Science Reveals Why and How Dogs Love Us & the Reason Cats Get Zoomies.

November 17, 2020

I’m starting a new segment, called Creature Feature, remarkable, funny, or heartwarming short tales es about animals. Here’s the first creature feature, “Sometimes, wishes come true in the funniest of ways.”

Do you feel like you get unconditional love from your dog? Do you ever wonder why it is that they do love us so much? Science is revealing now, how dogs are positively affected by us.  My guest today, is Dr. Clive Wynne, the director of the Canine Science Collaboratory at Arizona State University and the author of the book, “Dog is Love, Why and How Your Dog Loves You.” He’s here to tell you about some of these fabulous discoveries being made into the minds and hearts of dogs.


Have you ever seen your cat do this? Suddenly it starts running at top speed around the house, a somewhat crazed look on their face, leaping on and off furniture in their path, tearing up and down staircases, dashing around the rooms as if the very devil was chasing them?  This behavior is fairly common for inside cats, and there is a specific reason this happens. I’ll explain what it is and what to do so your cat does not get so crazed at times.

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Source for the story about cat zoomies: “Why Does My Cat Do That”?  By Catherine Davidson.