Radio Hek82 Anaheim

Radio Hek82 Anaheim

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September 02, 2023

Hek82 Chats w/HURRICANE the official band members Robert Sarzo, Guitars, and Tony Cavazo Bass, about the new record release "RECONNECTED" ...! Really fantastic!

Ciravolo of "Beauty in Chaos" releases "Behind the Veil"
May 26, 2022

Hek82 chats with the Ciravolos founders and creators of "Beauty in Chaos" about their new release CD... the fabulous duo is incredibly talented, and this album and new videos will make you love them! Listen in now!

PORTRAIT guitarist Chris Lindell
July 18, 2021

Upcoming release Sep. 3 2021 of "At One With None", is causing excitement!

Ciravolo of Schecter guitars on his CD Finding Beauty in Chaos
May 24, 2019

Post- NAMM I enjoyed this follow up with guitarist Michael Ciravolo of Schecter guitars, now i know what's new is his album "Beauty Re-Envisioned" which is a totally cool newer and different compilation mix of what might've ended up on the cutting room fl

Henry Derek's new solo album is a must listen now!
December 11, 2018

Henry Derek Elis is the vocalist of Act of Defiance, and he has a great new solo album which he released on iTunes. Don't miss out on this because it's really cool!! Hek82 wants you to buy "The Devil is My Friend" for your New Year's present!

Scare LA '18, Hek82 special feature Horror Podcast!
September 04, 2018

Listen In to hear my chat w/ metal musician Skum Love, watch Hek82 react to a sudden scare from a flesh eating zombie...Appearances and Interviews also feature Psychic Medium Patti Negri, Actress Vida Ghaffari, Ent, Law Nadia Divari, and several ghosts ..

Dio, AC/DC Drummer Simon Wright chats w/ Hek82 about the shows!
April 24, 2018

Hard Rock/ Metal drummer Simon talked to me about all the bands, the shows, and his career as a well- known favorite drummer. Dio Disciples drummer and Bon Scott tribute with shows coming up in the area of LA, Dio Disciples in the US to kick off the summe

Joe Sparks, Radiskull and Devil Doll creator of web cartoon series!
April 23, 2018

So awesome to catch Joe Sparks news and chat! A favorite of mine is this cartoon, great character voice talent and musician!

Eyes of the Sun's vocalist/ bassist Jeff Blanchard chats about new record release w/Hek82!
February 28, 2018

Eyes of the Sun is a new band on Metal Blade records, and Jeff Blanchard is the totally cool voice of this DOOM Metal band. Great sound, it's worth checking out as soon as the March 16th release hits iTunes everybody! Brooklyn has brought forth this music