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RAK 11/30/19 - 2019 #YearRoundBreakdown Part 2!!!!
November 30, 2019

It's the SECOND part of the Radio Active Kids #YearRoundBreakdown this week, featuring (in alphabetical order): Banana Slug String Band, Bingly and The Rogues, #Boogles, catswithnicefaces, Flohzirkus Orquestra, Ginalina Music, Greg the Egg, Hvaffornoget.d

RAK 11/23/19 - The 2019 #YearRoundBreakdown Part 1!!!!
November 23, 2019

 Y'all. The time has come. This week is the 1st installment of the Radio Active Kids #YearRoundBreakdown, in which we play ONE song from (almost) every release we've gotten this year. We'll play (in alphabetical order): Baba Got BARS, #BananaVacuum,

RAK 11/16/19 - Last chance for new music!!!
November 16, 2019

 Y'all, next week on Radio Active Kids we're starting the #YearRoundBreakdown, so this week we'll play a huge pile of new music before we start the retrospective series! New and new-to-the-show tunes from Laurie Berkner Band, Levity Beet, 123 Andrés,

RAK 11/9/19 - Bill Crosby in studio!
November 09, 2019

We have an in-studio performance this week on Radio Active Kids from Nashville's Bill Crosby, who has a super fun new album! It'll be awesome. Also, new tunes by Sharon and Bram, Mr. Aaron, Janoweichafe, Electric Needle Room, Ed and Carol Nicodemi, Uncle

RAK 11/2/19 - Kid Pan Alley interview!
November 02, 2019

We're back to the music mix on Radio Active Kids this week, featuring an interview with Kid Pan Alley & new and new-to-the-show music from Diana Panton, Koo Koo Kanga Roo, Michael and the Rockness Monsters, @ellenallardmusic, Ici Baba, Gab Bonesso's G

RAK 10/26/19! - Happy Racers interview!
October 26, 2019

 Y'all! It's the Radio Active Kids Halloween show this week! Also, it's the Asheville FM #FallFundDrive, so please give generously here: On the show, we'll interview The Happy Racers and play new & newish spooky songs by ca

RAK 10/19/19 - Lori Henriques interview!!!
October 19, 2019

I'm very excited to interview the amazing Lori Henriques on Radio Active Kids this week! Her new album #WhatDoYouWish is jazzy, beautiful and smart! Also, a new #ComixTalk from Pack Memorial Library's Raj and new tunes from Lucy Kalantari, Secret Agent 23

RAK 10/12/19 - Princes of Serendip interview!
October 12, 2019

Hot dog, is this going to be a fun Radio Active Kids show! We'll interview the amazing & hilarious chamber music duo The Princes of Serendip, whose newest album #YumpatiddlyBee is one of the funniest albums I've heard in a while. Also, new songs by Gu

BONUS - Sagan's announcement
October 11, 2019

Hi y'all!  So, I made an important announcement on the October 5 episode of Radio Active Kids. For those of you who missed it, here's the announcement segment separated from the rest of the show. The actual announcement starts at around 1 minute and

RAK 10/5/19 - Ron Albanese interview!
October 05, 2019

I can't wait to interview Ron Albanese - POLKA DOT on this week's Radio Active Kids show, nor can I wait to play brand-new songs by Hunktabunkta Music, Megson, Levity Beet, Mosquitas Muertas, Purple Fox and the Heebie Jeebies, Erin Lee and the Up Past Bed