Race to the Bottom Podcast

Race to the Bottom Podcast

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#HakeemSaved but what now?
February 19, 2019

This week, finally saw the safe return of exiled Bahraini footballer, Hakeem Al Araibi, to his adopted country of Austrailia. I review Bahrain's history of human rights abuses towards it's activist athletes,

John Barnes calls out unconscious racism.
February 09, 2019

In episode 5, I look at John Barnes’ 7 minute talk on unconscious racism, and highlight the imprisonment of British-Sudanese football fan Ali Issa Ahmad, in the UAE, due to him wearing a Qatar shirt at the Asian Cup.

A campaign for equal rights. Introducing Lewes F.C- Britain’s most progressive club.
February 07, 2019

Episode 4, in which I say the words ‘Lewes FC’ a lot. I delve into the history of women’s football and amateur football club Lewes F.C’s stance on equal rights for their players, also highlighting their open letter to the F.

Racism in the F.A Cup and Robbie Savage impersonators.
February 01, 2019

I talk in my car, in the rain about how I feel the rise of racism in football is something that must be confronted, and briefly discuss a weird advert.

Iranian women’s fight for equal rights. An interview with OpenStadiums
July 09, 2018

In this month's episode, the World Cup brings women's rights into focus. I interview Iranian activist Sarah of @openstadiums. We discuss her campaign to allow women access to stadiums for sporting events in her home country of Iran.

Wembley’s proposed sale reviewed, and a tale of two Sterlings.
May 14, 2018

The construction of Wembley stadium was both over budget and late in its completion. I look at the possible long-term implications of a governing body without a national stadium as the F.A's proposed sale to Fulham F.C owner Shahid Kahn,