Race and Place in Charlottesville

Race and Place in Charlottesville

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Building the University
February 01, 2019

Thomas Jefferson has long been lauded as the architect of the University of Virginia's distinctive Academical Village. But what—or better, who—did it take to actually build it? See the Lawn with new eyes as we meet Sam McCarpenter, an enslaved black...

The Second Slave Trade
January 30, 2019

Motivated by Jesus' command in Scripture to love our neighbors, Louis Nelson begins his "Race and Place in Charlottesville" tour with this statement: "We cannot possibly love our neighbor if we don't know our neighbor or know our neighbor's story." ...

Race and Place Trailer
January 28, 2019

Preview a tour of race and racism in Charlottesville led by Study Center Board Chair and Architectural History professor Louis Nelson. New episodes will be released each weekday in February, starting Friday, February 1. Stay tuned!&nbsp...