Quest for Truth by Life Truth

Quest for Truth by Life Truth

Life Changes. (265)

April 15, 2020

Originally featured on the "Alive and Still Married" podcast. Keith resurrects the main topic from a show titled: When Your Spouse Changes

Alive and Still Married was a podcast hosted by Keith and Robin Heltsley. When episodes were migrated to our domain at, these shows didn't cross over. If you like what you hear, feedback is highly appreciated to entice Robin out of pod-fade retirement.

Today's feature is a glimpse from 5 years ago, during this same week just after Easter. After discussing the recent loss of a parent (not included in today's show), we transition into life changes in marriage. How do relationships between spouses change, and what contributes to those changes? Who is at fault when things go wrong if anybody?

Here are our original show notes:

After a 3 week break, Robin and Keith return. There's plenty to get caught up on, but the most significant thing to delay getting the podcast out is a death in the family.

Robin shares a little about the passing of her dad, on March 21st. Also the busy times of Easter, and getting another round of treatments for the pain she has in her back.

The main topic is the problem of what happens after being married for an extended period of time. Your spouse seems to have become another person. Often this is in a bad way, but we all change, and the ideal thing is for each to build each other up to make a positive change. Is it possible to turn around those bad behavior changes? Of course, it is, but not without effort on both sides. Still, need help or recommendations from us? You know what to do, leave a comment on the show notes, send us an email, or even follow the Heltsley Podcast Network on Twitter.


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