Quest for Truth by Life Truth

Quest for Truth by Life Truth

Online Church and Corona. (264)

April 06, 2020

Is the affect of the Corona virus on churches a Big Deal, No Deal or Little Deal?

After some opening remarks from Keith, and a couple items to open the dialog between  your hosts, we look into these 8 questions.

A Guy sitting in the worship center at church camp.-->

* Should churches embrace technology and stream their services?

* Referring to the New Testament word, Ecclesia, which means a called out body, is a streaming service forsaking the gathering?

* Does social media or streaming technology redefine what it means to gather?

* Is online church really affective in participating in worship?

* The early church met for fellowship, administering the word, and breaking bread together. Is it possible , or meaningful to do this online?

* The early church grew rapidly, 3000 added in one day, did they meet altogether, or in smaller groups in houses? How is this the same, or different from the government recommendation to meet in smaller groups?

* At one point persecution began, Steven martyred. The church scattered, spread and grew even more widespread. Do you see any similarities in the way the Corona virus has scattered us through social distancing, and the need to stay home and not gather?

* Is there any redeeming aspects of on line services?

Bottom line, are streaming services hurting the church, sending a bad message on what the church is, or providing yet another excuse for people to stay home and not participate?


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