Queer Transmission

Queer Transmission

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Protest Medics & Right-Wing Violence
September 07, 2019

First we are joined by an anonymous protest medic about being a protest medic at right-wing rallies and than we are joined by CV Vatola-Hadad to talk about Right-Wing Violence. Sorry for the audio quality in the Right-Wing Violence segment, we couldn&#82

Anti-Fascism 101
July 30, 2019

For this episode Sarah is joined by Daniel Harper from the I Don’t Speak German Podcast and Goad Gatsby to talk Anti-Fascism 101.   Resources Mentioned Antifa: The Antifascist Handbook Philosophy Tube Shaun Thought Slime Three Arrows

Episode #7: Trans Gate-keeping, Transitioning in a Nerd Community, Political Opinions in Games Media
March 17, 2019

Watch Live on YouTubePatreon Twitch Discord Twitter Website¬†   Guest Plugs Blue Twitter Kendamu TwitchYouTube InstagramTwitter Astrid Johnson TwitterWebsite ¬†   Music Intro Song: “Bilinear Filtering” by Christa Lee Outro Song: &#822

Episode #6: Living Queer, Queer Homelessness, Activism
March 10, 2019

Watch Live on YouTube Patreon Twitch Discord Twitter Music Intro Song: “I’m not supposed to be anything” by She/Her/HersOutro Song: “Giving up is sooooo last year” by She/Her/Hers

Episode #5: Nazis/Alt-Right w/Daniel Harper
March 05, 2019

Sorry about all the mouth noises, I’m still figuring out where to position my mic. Watch Live on YouTubePatreonTwitchDiscordTwitter Daniel HarperTwitterI Don’t Speak German PodcastMovie PodcastPatreon MusicIntro Song: Family by She/Her/HersOu