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Channelling Your Higher Self PART 2 - Quantum Living - QL026

June 09, 2018

What is your Higher Self? How can you channell it? What is channelling of spiritual guidance?  I talk here about many concepts, many issues, many ideas....sharing with you the wisdom channelled from my Higher Self.  Learn how to find the Door to Happiness.....what does it mean to be inspired.?.......the difference between thought and emotion....and much more...

Is it about channelling or...is it channelling itself? ...tune in to find out...

This is PART 2 of the Channelling Your Higher Self - please listen to PART 1 first for continuity.



"Soul Food"  by Purple Planet (purple-planet.com)"The Lounge" by Bensound (bensound.com)"The Calling" by Exzel Music Publishing (freemusicpublicdomain.com)