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PVN Students

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The Fruit of The Spirit
November 11, 2021

What is the Fruit of The Spirit? Why is it important?

The Heart of the Father Part II
October 07, 2021

Bryon closes out our series on The Prodigal Son.

The Heart of The Father Part I
September 29, 2021

We begin our series on the Prodigal Son with Bryon giving us a walkthrough of Luke chapter 15 and why there's more to the story than you think!

The Phone & The Family: Week Three
September 15, 2021

In our final week, we speak with two college students about the joys and challenges of owning technology in our modern world.

The Phone & The Family: Week Two
September 08, 2021

In Week Two Ryan offers practical tips for families along with what the Bible says about how we are wired. To see the video discussed in the talk, click this link: https://rb.gy/wofj9t

The Phone & The Family: Week One
September 01, 2021

Greg Lisson speaks about how the most important part of managing the phone is the person behind it. Follow this link to Download Slides https://rb.gy/ikannu

Rest For Your Souls
June 24, 2021

Our final night of camp, Matthew 11:28 - 30

Summer Camp Night 2: Friendship With Jesus
June 22, 2021

Jesus asks His disciples: "Who do you say that I am?" He's not trying to quiz us. He's not trying to catch us in a trap. Jesus wants us to realize that unless we see Him as our truest and closest friend, we have missed His heart for us.

Summer Camp Night 1: Weary & Heavy Laden
June 21, 2021

We are spending some time in Matthew 11:28-30. Jesus is Gentle and Lowly. He invites all who need Him to come to Him.

The Care We Need
May 27, 2021

The world has so many mixed messages about self-care. Many of these methods only make us feel worse. PVN Students Intern Bryon Schirner walks us through what the Bible teaches about taking care of ourselves.