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Gator’s Rockapocalypse: Radio K.O.A.S. (Roger Waters) Spotlight
October 31, 2020

This time on Gator’s Rockapocalypse, we kick off with a spotlight on Roger Waters concept album “Radio K.A.O.S.” by playing the entire album, uninterrupted. Continuing...

The Doom Saloon: Agalloch, Elder, Pallbearer & more!
October 31, 2020

Welcome to your one-stop shop, for all things Doom! As always, The Doom Saloon features Doom Metal, Stoner Rock, Sludge, Desert Rock and Psychedelic! Grab...

Rock Solid Pressure: Shocktober Pt.3 – Mad Monster Party!
October 30, 2020

It’s our final night of ‘Shocktober‘ on Rock Solid Pressure. We’ve been raising hell all month long, and we’re going out with a full blown...

Belgian Metal Shredder: 26 October 2020 (Dutch Version)
October 30, 2020

Opnieuw een zeer diverse aflvering met sludge, thrash, progressive, symphonic, power, death, groove en old-school heavy metal. En qua Belgisch materiaal hebben we dit keer...

Belgian Metal Shredder: October 23rd, 2020 (English Version)
October 30, 2020

Once again a very diverse episode with sludge, thrash, progressive, symphonic, power, death, groove and old-school heavy metal. And when it comes to Belgian material,...

KING HESH: “Wicked Sensation” (LYNCH MOB) 30th Anniversary Spotlight!
October 30, 2020

Get your weekly 80s & early 90s metal fix with King Hesh. Three hours of bitchin’ tunes from the “Era of Hair” dudes!!! This episode...

Rock N Roll Journey: October 25th, 2020
October 30, 2020

Metal Mike returns live from Los Angeles on the Rock N Roll Journey, with classic rock and metal from the 70’s to present!!! This episode...

Rich Embury’s R3TR0GRAD3: New Metal & Roctober
October 27, 2020

Roctober continues on Rich Embury’s R3TROGRAD3 with more NEW Metal and Hard Rock from Katatonia, Blind Perception, Bona Lisa, Faith & Scars, Lutharo, Magnus Karlsson’s...

Meathook Metal: Saints Of Death, Amaranthe, Beartooth & more!
October 26, 2020

Head “Meathead” Kober returns with another Meathook Metal! Metallic masterpieces from Raider, Saints Of Death, Amaranthe, Bolt Thrower, Bleed From Within, The Myopia Condition, Beartooth...