Punched In The Podcast

Punched In The Podcast

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Punched in the Podcast – EP. 26 – Jordan Peterson VS Trolls
January 20, 2023

On this podcast I talk about Jordan Peterson, his issue with anonymous online accounts, his current situation with The College of Psychologist of Ontario and how it all relates to the thing he despise

EP. 25 - The Twitter Files (Truth Hunt)
December 29, 2022

While other podcasts take a one week vacation and then proclaim that they are back, we on the other hand took ANOTHER two years off!! and this time we are BACK! On this podcast I talk about Elon Musk

Punched in the Podcast Ep. 24 - Success
December 31, 2019

After two years, we're back! What you forgot about us? Impossible! Our past episodes we're far too traumatic for you to simply forget about us. I'll let you know why the 2 year hiatus and more. Unfortunately we're on social media,

Punched in the Podcast Ep. 22 – Morning Wood
June 29, 2016

We found the cure to our laziness! Sleep!  After hibernating in 2015, we plan on delivering loads and loads of more episodes in 2016! In this podcast, we go back in time to 2013! Some people are wondering why are we holding onto old episodes? Wel[...]

Punched in the Podcast # 21 – Hemorrhoids –
March 05, 2016

After taking 2015 off, we are back! Now that’s lazy… In this podcast, we go back in time to 2014! C.V.T, Big Mike, Chan-Kleta and Dimples have a great drunk time! Thanks for being patient, big changes have occurred, however, our secret [...]

PITP # 20 – A.D.D + Liquor – giving a crap x 4 = This Podcast!
July 26, 2014

First podcast of 2014! We are so lazy! In this podcast, C.V.T, Big Mike, Chan-Kleta and No One deliver a great podcast episode! We are so behind schedule that we are actually promoting this as the first podcast of 2015! Ok maybe not, but welcom[...]

PITP # 19 – Slutasaurus – Last Podcast of 2013
December 30, 2013

Last Podcast of 2013! (Slutasaurus) In this podcast, C.V.T, Big Mike and No One deliver great quickie podcast episode! Okay, so maybe releasing two podcast a year for the last two years is insanely lazy, and maybe we have a few podcast that need to b

PITP # 18 – First Podcast of 2013
January 27, 2013

First Podcast of 2013! In this podcast both C.V.T and Big Mike deliver an expired/lost podcast episode! So what’s very, very old to us is very new to you (like your spouse). So like always, like our Facebook page, follow us on twitter (Punched_Podc[...]

PITP # 17 – Last Podcast of 2012
October 09, 2012

  Introducing our Co Female Host, Piggy! Thanks for sticking around, the wait might be worth the wait! In this podcast we have C.V.T, No One and Piggy! We also talk about: Finding Piggy’s Name, Hitting your kid, Car Balls, Beware the Dominican Ice Tea