Latest Episodes

33. Lung and Diaphragm Protective Ventilation Roundtable
January 24, 2023

Today the PulmPEEPs are discussing Lung and Diaphragm Protective Ventilation with two experts in the field. We are joined by Dr. Jose Dianti and Dr. Ewan Goligher. Meet Our Guests Dr. Jose Dianti is a

32. VV-ECMO Roundtable
January 03, 2023

For the first Pulm PEEPs episode of 2023, we are starting off with a bang and a Roundtable discussion about venovenous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (VV-ECMO). VV-ECMO has been increasing in use

31. Last Night in the ICU
December 13, 2022

Today we have a Pulm PEEPs special episode! Dave and Kristina chat post-call about their respective nights in the ICU. Hear about clinical reasoning on the fly, some crucial learning points, insights

30. Fellows’ Case Files: University of Mississippi Medical Center
November 29, 2022

Were excited to be back with another episode in our Pulm PEEPs Fellows Case Files series! This is a particularly exciting case since it is our first episode where some intrepid fellows reached out t

29. Long COVID Roundtable
November 15, 2022

This week on Pulm PEEPs, Dave and Kristina are joined by Jason Maley and Ann Parker, two pulmonary and critical care physicians who are leaders in treating patients with Long COVID, or Post-Acute Sequ

28. Fellows’ Case Files: Harvard – MGH & BIDMC
November 01, 2022

Welcome back to our Pulm PEEPs Fellows Case Files series! We are joined this week by a fellow and the program director from the Harvard combined PCCM fellowship at Massachusettes General Hospital and

27. Live from CHEST 2022
October 17, 2022

We are thrilled today here at Pulm PEEPs to be coming to you live from the CHEST 2022 Annual Meeting. We are joined by three fantastic speakers, and CHEST leaders to discuss the highlights and events

26. A Case of AMS, Renal Failure, and Hemolysis
October 04, 2022

This week on Pulm PEEPs, we have another great case episode. Were switching up the format a bit, and instead of introducing our guests in the beginning, well bring them in consultants as we need to.

25. ARDS Precision Medicine & Phenotypes Roundtable
September 20, 2022

Were very excited this week on Pulm PEEPs to be resuming our Roundtable series. We are joined by two outstanding critical care doctors to discuss precision medicine in the ICU, specifically ARDS phen

24. Fellows’ Case Files: Baylor College of Medicine
September 06, 2022

Welcome to another episode in our Pulm PEEPs Fellows Case Files series! The purpose of this series is to highlight and amplify the incredible clinical work that is done by pulmonary and critical care