Puerto Vallarta Travel Show Podcast

Puerto Vallarta Travel  Show Podcast

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Having Fun With Trish and Chad in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
April 02, 2022

Get Away From The Resorts in Puerto Vallarta and Live Like Locals

Fiamma Pizzeria and Beer Garden in Puerto Vallarta Mexico
March 24, 2022

At Fiamma Pizzeria in Puerto Vallarta Enjoy The Feeling of Dining in a Garden in Southern Italy

Kennedy Morgan, Medium in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
March 16, 2022

Kennedy Does Public Demonstrations of Mental Mediumship

El Sofa Cafe in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
March 08, 2022

Located in The Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta El Sofa Café is a Restaurant and Art Gallery

Casa Karma Private Villa and Event Space in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
March 01, 2022

Enjoy Your Private Suite Overlooking Playa Conchas Chinas at Casa Karma

Hot Mamas Whiskey Kitchen in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
February 19, 2022

An Interview with Gina Hendrix Co Owner of Hot Mama's Whiskey Kitchen

Moving From New Zealand to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
February 09, 2022

Elle and Russel Immigrated to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico from New Zealand During the Pandemic

Thomas the Salt Man and Stories of Yelapa, Mexico
December 26, 2021

Thomas Give us Tips on What to See, How to Get to Yelapa From Puerto Vallarta and Tips on Overnight Accommodations

It's High Season in Puerto Vallarta Mexico 2021 2022
December 15, 2021

Open Microphone Podcast Meet and Greet at La Traviata in Cinco de Diciembre in Puerto Vallarta