Public Speaking Super Powers

Public Speaking Super Powers

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Podcast: Lose the Distracting Body Movements
October 09, 2019

NOTE: This episode of the podcast has a video component because I want to show you the distracting body movements. - Your body movement during your presentation has the ability to strengthen the impact of your message … or it can be a serious distract...

Podcast: Guest Dana Pharant
September 25, 2019

Guest Dana Pharant talks about authenticity.

Podcast: Easy Ways To Remember Your Material
September 11, 2019

Public Speaking Super Powers Podcast: Season 3, Episode 3 - Do you struggle to remember the content of your speech? In this week's podcast episode, I share some easy ways you can incorporate triggers into your speech to make it easier to remember.

Podcast | Guest Davide Di Giorgio
August 28, 2019

Guest Davide Di Giorgio talks in his unapologetic way about mistakes speakers make, the "be vulnerable" trend, and more in this episode of the Public Speaking Super Powers podcast.

Podcast | You Set the Tone of Your Message
August 14, 2019

As a professional speaker, everything you do the minute you walk into the room sets the tone for your message. Your audience's level of engagement depends on you; not on them. You can have a great topic and great presentation skills,

Public Speaking Super Powers Podcast, Season 2, Episode 4: Guest Heather Neuman
February 13, 2019

Is there a difference between coaching teens and coaching adults in public speaking? That is just one of the topics today’s guest will discuss. Today’s guest is Heather Neumann, the founder of Lasting Impact!.

Public Speaking Super Powers Podcast, Season 2, Episode 3: Tips for Speaking to a Hostile Audience
January 23, 2019

At some point, it is highly likely that you will speak before an audience who is hostile to your topic. In today’s podcast, I share some tips on how to handle that situation. Tips mentioned in this episode include: Be attentive and understand the quest...

Public Speaking Super Powers Podcast, Season 2, Episode 2: Guest Joel Schwartzberg
October 03, 2018

Do you understand and champion your point in your presentation? Watch today’s episode and find out how you can do just that.   Highlights from the Podcast: What is a point? The formula for identifying your point.

Public Speaking Super Powers Podcast, Season 2, Episode 1: How to be persuasive
September 05, 2018

Do you know how to be persuasive? The second season of the Public Speaking Super Powers Podcast kicks off with host Carma Spence sharing persuasion tips.   When it comes to convincing people to buy into your point of view,

Public Speaking Super Powers Podcast, Episode 83: Carma Spence
July 16, 2018

This episode of the Public Speaking Super Powers Podcast marks a change in the format and frequency of the show. From this point on, the podcast will be available in both video (via YouTube) and audio (via iTunes and other podcast distributors) formats...