Everyone deserves a chance to heal

Everyone deserves a chance to heal

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Is PTSD Real?
November 07, 2021

Episode 37:  Is PTSD real? In the worst American battle losses, 50% of survivors on the battlefield were Behavioral Health casualties. If you won’t take it from me, read the book, The Pacific and The

Choosing a Career in Mental Health
November 06, 2021

Episode 36: Start as a peer support specialist, learn Reiki, the nursing path, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, psychologist, psychoanalyst, psychiatrist, licensed clinical social workers and

The Best PTSD Audiobooks and Documentaries
November 06, 2021

Episode 35: Genius scientists point to quantum physics research that has kept out of the mainstream. I've mentioned most of these resources at one point or another, but wanted to put all of my favorit

A Guilt-Based Home is Best
November 05, 2021

Episode 34: Shame is the enemy of the soul. It causes you to judge yourself poorly which sets up a cascade of badness. Depression, guilt, self-loathing, self-neglect: all can be the result of shameful

When to Use Body-Based Approaches for Teens with PTSD
November 03, 2021

Episode 33: Sometimes the energy of past emotional trauma combined with ineffective communication leads to rage. Listen to Daniel Williams, MD's response to a listener comment about the combination of

Moral Injury: The Book I Can’t Finish
October 31, 2021

Episode 32: Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin, Timothy Snyder is the book I can't finish. Systematic starvation and killing revealed why it was so easy for Hitler to invade east pushing all

Surviving the Endgame
October 30, 2021

Episode 31: Learn a quick roadmap for holistic self-care under dire conditions. World War 3 is all about subduing the world without fighting. Economically, environmentally, food and water supply-wise,

Three Things You Need to Survive Stress
October 29, 2021

Episode 30: Capacity, Opportunity, and Motivation are the three ingredients needed for success. Daniel Williams, MD discusses how to integrate these in practical ways. Here's a preview from my next bo

Hospitalization for PTSD
August 29, 2021

Episode 29: Hear my tips on acute psych stabilization, as a former medical director and PTSD psychiatrist. If you need hospitalization for PTSD, don't hesitate. Meanwhile, adopt a healthy lifestyle so

Reflexology Micro-Course
October 23, 2020

https://vimeo.com/470192394 Episode 28: Learn from my wife, a board-certified reflexology, exactly what she does for me when I can't sleep, have pain, or can't settle down. What is reflexology? Re