Everyone deserves a chance to heal

Everyone deserves a chance to heal

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What to do when someone with PTSD pushes you away
November 18, 2021

Episode 47: When someone with PTSD pushes you away, you need to know what to do because it is so painful. Dr. Daniel Williams, MD discusses this difficult topic, as it is the most often asked regardin

Start a Podcast to Heal
November 17, 2021

Episode 46: Dr. Williams reveals his social media strategy that is in three phases for audio, video and manual vs. automatic syndication. https://youtu.be/a-yvHfKRScE Podcasting as a Life Purp

Search Our Your Doctor’s Advice (“opinion”)
November 16, 2021

Episode 45: It's important to search out your doctor's advice now more than ever. Censorship reigns supreme for a reason, so Dr. Daniel Williams outlines a strategy for identifying good doctor advice

Find the Best PTSD Podcasts FAST
November 15, 2021

Episode 44: I'm about to do so many podcasts that these early ones will drop off your aggregator list. How to Find PTSD Podcasts In the upper right, you will see the magnifying glass. Click on

Shame. It’s What’s Wrong With You.
November 14, 2021

Episode 43: Every good lie has some truth mixed in. In today's episode, PTSD Psychiatrist Daniel Williams, MD reveals the secret to your enemy's plan: to make you feel a certain way. If you have PTSD

Ancient Energy Medicine vs Modern Science
November 12, 2021

Episode 42: As the global population embraces the government science of the day, the attention is taken off the the marvelous discoveries in science. The world is changing so rapidly, with censorship

Protect Your Story
November 11, 2021

Episode 41: Boundaries around your trauma are extremely important. Setting Boundaries with PTSD can be a challenging thing. PTSD Circles of Trust Inside the mind of a trauma survivor, are bad mem

Post-Traumatic Stress without the “Disorder”
November 10, 2021

Episode 40: This is what I want for you, when it happens that it doesn’t keep you shut down. When “disorder” is left off of the PTSD terminology, it is usually because the symptoms haven’t quite m

The Cornerstone of All Recovery
November 09, 2021

Episode 39: Humility is defined as having or showing a consciousness of one's own defects.  Humility is the cornerstone of all recovery Here are my reason's why. The first step in all recovery is to

Help for PTSD-related Anxiety
November 08, 2021

Episode 38 Many people don’t realize that what they are experiencing is anxiety. It’s often relabeled as excitement (healthy and useful) or panic (fear-based and unhelpful). If you have worsened anxie