Everyone deserves a chance to heal

Everyone deserves a chance to heal

Ancient Energy Medicine vs Modern Science

November 12, 2021

Episode 42: As the global population embraces the government science of the day, the attention is taken off the the marvelous discoveries in science. The world is changing so rapidly, with censorship and all, that the disparity between the current cultural delusions and the brutal reality of poverty and death is growing. 

The real scientist questions everything. And follows the science where the data lead.

The Modern Scientific Method
It wasn't until AFTER I graduated from my post-doctoral program as the Chief Resident at Baylor Scott & White that I learned what healing actually is. 
The first step in the scientific process is observation. When people are dying, or there is a 1,000-fold plus increased rate of harm than expected, or a va x ine doesn't actually work, or there is N O pandem ic, science principles tell us to follow these observations and hold them up to the light of day. See if there's any validity to it far-fetched ideas, even conspiracy theories. To oppose research of concerning safety observations isn't science at all. It's Nazi fervor, much like the electricity described at Hitler's speeches. 
Charles Darwin's Theory Unsupported by Quantum Physics Research
If the scientific method wasn't developed, we never would have learned so many valuable pieces of evidence supporting Creation Theory, or at least discounting athiest Darwinism. Science, as it turns out, is more wise than man-made religions over the years. 
The Wisdom of Ancient Hieroglyphics
The body maps on the ancient cave walls reveal that there is more than coincidence behind acupuncture, reflexology, trigger point massage, emotional freedom tapping technique and Emotion Code. 
It turns out that the ancient "meridians", or electromagnetic current channels, in the human body are real. Through those same points flow biophotons with information that transcends individual organs but carried information from the entire organism.
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