Everyone deserves a chance to heal

Everyone deserves a chance to heal

Surviving the Endgame

October 30, 2021

Episode 31: Learn a quick roadmap for holistic self-care under dire conditions. World War 3 is all about subduing the world without fighting. Economically, environmentally, food and water supply-wise, relationally in families, discord in society and the perpetual shades of racism. Mankind’s history is not good. We really are like a virus as discussed in the movie The Matrix. We as a species commit genocide, harm each other and destroy the earth.

For all of that hate and spirit of destruction, is there any way to maintain some sense of self and peace during times like these? Perhaps, if you fight back but I’m not so sure the future holds a lot of peace and calm anytime soon. My best guess is that things will get better and worse at the same time. As hate is poured out, so is love.
How To Survive The Endgame: My notes after watching Catherine Austin Fitts’ interview in Planet Lockdown.
If you are experiencing grief or loss, it may be difficult for you to take care of yourself and function. The PTSDacademy.com community is there for you to have a safe place to learn, heal, and grow.

* Physical health – plant-based diet, unprocessed foods, medical-grade foot bath for detox, follow a detox protocol.


* Mental health = self care. The brain should be working to take care of the rest of the body, just like the other organs do.


* Emotional health = authentic vulnerability = intimacy. Not sexual intimacy either. You either have 3 people on the planet that #1 you open up to, and #2 they don’t judge you, or you don’t.


* Spiritual health – Only you can choose to accept your path and purpose, release energy your own way or through any number of energy release modalities, or deepening your faith.