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Episode 112 | Is America’s Trust in Government Crumbling?
August 11, 2022

What a week! This week, Americans saw the unveiling of the “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022,” Biden’s assurances the inflation rate in July was zero, and the shocking FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago. We discus

Episode 111 | China’s Population Crisis
August 04, 2022

With all the recent news and revelations about China, we decided to discuss China’s population crisis and its push for dominance despite the data showing that their population bust is happening much f

Episode 110 | Responding To MORE Pro-Choice Arguments
July 28, 2022

Did you know we take listener questions? Listener Suzette asks “ … [I] often have discussions with people. I’m having a hard time with the response ‘I know it’s a human life that’s being ended but I’m

Episode 109 | The Second Amendment And Outlawing Abortion Is Racist?
July 21, 2022

A newly released article by Salon titled, “Abortion, racism, and guns: How white supremacy unites the right” claims that racism and white supremacy is the driving force behind the Second Amendment rig

Episode 108 | The Left Scrambles To Come Up With Roe v Wade’s “Plan B”
July 14, 2022

Since Roe vs Wade was overturned, the left has been scrambling to find a way to circumvent state laws and again make abortion legal nationwide. This week, we discuss the various strategies being discu

Episode 107 | The Abortion Lobby's Two Biggest Allies
July 07, 2022

Who are the abortion lobby’s two greatest allies? You might just be surprised! We discuss these allies, their history, and predictions for the future. You can leave a rating/review of our podcast her

Episode 106 | The Aftermath of The Roe vs Wade Reversal
June 30, 2022

June 24th goes down in history as the day that Roe vs Wade was finally reversed. Special guest Sheila Crutcher joins the hosts to discuss the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision, the antics of t

Episode 105 | Abortion: The Dividing Issue
June 16, 2022

Abortion is a hot and divisive issue which can break up families and end friendships. This week on the Pro-Life America podcast, we discuss how politics and abortion has taken a toll on people’s relat

Episode 104 | Media Stays Silent on Groundbreaking Texas Case
June 09, 2022

The mainstream media remains curiously silent as a man in Texas receives a capital murder sentence in the death of a 5 week old unborn baby. This week on the podcast, the hosts discuss this ground-bre

Episode 103 | Answering The Most Googled Questions on Abortion
June 02, 2022

This week on the Pro-Life America podcast, Sarah and Mark (ok, mostly Mark) answers the most searched questions on abortion, such as: -Is abortion a constitutional right? - What abortion(s) a