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Episode 54 | Crazy But True - Inside the Appalling World of Abortion Clinics
May 06, 2021

At Life Dynamics, we get a look at the abortion industry that nobody else does. We spend an episode sharing some of the crazy, but 1,000% true things that happen inside the abortion industry. *WARNING* In addition to a bit of strong language, this ep

Episode 53 | “Financial Abortions” For Men?
April 29, 2021

A recent article entitled, “Should Men Be Able to Opt-Out of Fatherhood? The pros and cons of “financial abortions” is just the latest of many articles debating the idea of “financial abortions.” We reveal just what a “financial abortion” is and its origi

Episode 52 | American Tax Payers Have Been Paying For Aborted Baby Parts For YEARS!
April 22, 2021

Recently, the federalist released an article about how the FDA has been buying aborted baby parts. Many may be shocked to hear this, but as we prove, this has been going on for years - and your tax dollars have been paying for it! We discuss our investiga

Episode 51 | Snail Mail Abortions?
April 15, 2021

This week, under the guise of women’s safety due to COVID, the FDA announced that women seeking an abortion pill will not be required to visit a doctor's office or clinic. We discuss how the fight to abandon this requirement began, what it means for women

Episode 50 | Women Raped & Sexually Assaulted In Abortion Clinics
April 08, 2021

They went in for a “safe and legal abortion,” and came out a victim of sexual assault or rape. This week, we discuss the hidden epidemic of women being raped and sexually assaulted in abortion clinics and how the media and women’s groups, including #MeToo

Episode 49 | Is There REALLY A War On Women, Or Is It A War On Men?
April 01, 2021

It seems like everyday, there is more talk about toxic masculinity, more examples of male bashing, and how “cis men” are the problem. We discuss this troubling trend in our culture and how a number of serious problems that males are facing are being compl

Episode 48 | Pro-Life Legislation: Who’s The Real Enemy?
March 25, 2021

As a wave of pro-life bills are being proposed by states around the country, the debate over incremental legislation is reignited. The hosts discuss the important distinction between advocating vs supporting a bill with exceptions, the effects of passing

Episode 47 | States Declare War Against Abortion
March 18, 2021

Despite conservatives not having control in the Oval Office and in the Senate, conservatives are not backing down in the fight against abortion. As mentioned in a Huffington Post article, a tidal wave of pro-life bills are being introduced by states. We d

Episode 46 | The Alarming Decline of Birth Rates Worldwide
March 11, 2021

Researchers and economists are calling worldwide plunges in birth rates a “crisis.” We discuss what some countries are doing in the hopes of reversing it, the potential ramifications of this, and how it is all connected to legalized abortion and “populati

Episode 45 | Abortion Stories The Pro-Choice Side Doesn’t Want You To Hear
March 04, 2021

With the help of Hollywood, the abortion lobby and pro-choice side touts abortion as something that empowers women, but we expose the truth of how abortion devastates everyone it touches. We discuss abortion testimonies, and side effects such as “annivers