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Episode 63: See Yuh, 2016!
December 28, 2016

Pretty sure Brendon Kozack is one of the only humans on the planet who had a positive experience in 2016. Brittney, like most people we've chatted with, had a super hard year. Which of our two hosts can you relate to?Either way, it's out with the old and

Episode 62 - Jared Enderton: Quality over Quantity in Training, Business, and Life
December 07, 2016

You won't even need your coffee if you kick start your day with Episode 62 of Projekt Possible with Jared Enderton (but if you're like us, you'll probably pour a strong one anyway). Jared shares his sporting story and what it takes mentally to excel in a

Episode 61 - Jesse Godin: Action is the Antidote to Despair
December 06, 2016

Moose Jaw's master mover, Jesse Godin, became fascinated with sports at the age of five and started practicing yoga when he was only 9-years-old. Although he physically found his forte in athletics, he struggled mentally with severe depression. Meditatio

Episode 60: Jim Demeray on Understanding Our Mental State to Increase Society's Happiness
November 29, 2016

We all pretty well get physical health: we get colds, some people get chronic illnesses; we can neglect our bodies by eating processed foods and avoiding exercise until we become sick. So why have we had such a hard time grasping the importance of mental

Episode 59: On Confidence and Overcoming Fear
November 22, 2016

On episode 59 of Projekt Possible, Brendon and Brittney do what they do best and ask each other the hard questions about all things confidence, self-awareness, and fear-related. Whether you're fearing you're going to miss when you begin your descent into

Episode 58: Beyond the Barbell: Mental Gainz
November 09, 2016

Mindfulness and meditation. Mental training. Mental health. These topics are on the up and up as our society collectively grows in the direction of awesome and your hosts are dedicated to helping you stay ahead of the curve. Whether you struggle with sad

Episode 57: Julie Foucher on Silver Linings and Smashing Limits
October 31, 2016

Julie Foucher - if you know her and love her you'd probably agree that she embodies everything Projekt Possible's about. She shares how the only limits we have are the ones we place on ourselves and tells tales of seeing the silver lining in situations a

Episode 56: Work Life Balance?
October 25, 2016

Work Life Balance - or juggling competing priorities in life in general - is it doable? Your hosts, Brendon and Brittney discuss this, as well as all things balance related on Episode 56 of Projekt Possible. Brittney shares how yoga has made her a more e

Episode 55: Eat To Perform's Paul Nobles on Balancing Food and Exercise Volume
October 19, 2016

No stranger to podcasts or (Skinny Girl?) popcorn, Eat To Perform's very own Paul Nobles sits down to chat about all things nutrition with a dash of business on top. Get a glimpse into his story and the tale of his company, hear about the food mistakes y

Episode 54: Part 2 with Dave Castro on CrossFit, Haters, and Competition Programming
October 11, 2016

Dave had so many gems to share that we kept him on the line as long as possible. In part two, he tells us about what CrossFit HQ's focus really is, and it's definitely not all about the Games. He also admits that he's actually an introvert, but that he's