Project Ungoverned? The Online Learning Landscape

Project Ungoverned? The Online Learning Landscape

The Future of Online Education and Enabling Technologies – Episode 6

January 01, 2019

In Episode 6, we look at the future of online education and enabling technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. In this episode, we speak with Alex Kaplan, Global Leader of Strategic Deals and member of the executive team at IBM Watson Education.

Terms and Organizations Mentioned
Algorithmic bias
Artificial Intelligence (AI) from IBM
Blockchain (from IBM)
California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018
Competency Based Education
Cultural homogenization
Education Without Backpacks
EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
IBM Watson Education
Khan Academy
Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)
Sesame Workshop

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Transcript of Episode 6 (pdf)
Download transcript of Episode 6

Questions for Upcoming Symposium Raised in this Episode
• With the integration of artificial intelligence into future textbooks, what will the curricula and course development processes of the future look like?
• If teachers are to become stewards of technology, what will the profile of a future teacher be? And how will teacher training programs need to evolve to accommodate this new role?