Project Ungoverned? The Online Learning Landscape

Project Ungoverned? The Online Learning Landscape

Improving Access to Education in India: Quest Alliance (India) – Episode 3 Part 2

December 03, 2018

Innovation is taking place internationally in the online education space. In Episode 3, we look at two programs working to improve educational access, and ask: what can these examples of global innovation tell us about the future of online education and its governance? Our guest for Episode 3 Part 2 is Our guest for Episode 3 Part 2 is Aakash Seethi, CEO of Quest Alliance.

Terms and Organizations Mentioned
21st Century Skills
Anandshala (Joyful Schools)
Blended Learning
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Digital Literacy
Give India
Hans Foundation
International Youth Foundation
Quest Alliance
Student-centered Learning

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Transcript of Episode 3 Part 2 (pdf)
Download transcript of Episode 2 Part 2 here.

Questions for Upcoming Symposium Raised in this Episode
•  How can organizations in the online learning space maintain and develop partnerships? And what are some good practices?
•  What role can online learning programs play in changing mindsets about the objectives of education and employment possibilities?
•  What factors are needed to both exponentially scale and maintain high quality education?




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