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The Housing Market
February 19, 2019

Big Picture - Is your Country on the Right Track? - Brexit and the Housing Market - European Housing Markets Poised for Growth - Housing Market Down Under - Housing in Canada - The U.S. Housing Market -

Home Buying and Rabid Raccoons
November 17, 2018

  - The Lotto Curse - How Expensive Can a Home Be - Where real estate is heating up - Blockchain Technology and A Very Quick Loan Process - 4 Out of 5 Homes in this City are 1 Million Dollars Plus

Real Estates Biggest Game Changer
November 02, 2018

  What will $125,000. buy you in France? Luxury Real Estates Biggest Drop Where is housing affordable to only 25% of the population? What an appraiser sees in a slumping market How accurate is the memory of an eye witness?

Interest rates vs Declining Values
October 14, 2018

  History - Where to find it Average Time before selling a Home Increases Benefits of Watching Cranes The Communication Conundrum The Best Month to Buy a Home and Save Money

What was – What Is – What is to Come
September 30, 2018

  - The Global Real Estate Bubble Index - Quess the year: Quotes from 2006 & 2018 - What State had a 45% increase in number of home sales? - Where do 50% of home owners not have a mortgage? - When & where were 35% of all home sales less than the m...

Where Prices Dropped $70K in 3 Months
September 23, 2018

  - “Why Not” Thinking - Do You Believe that the Depression of 2026 Is Coming - The Best Place to Live in Europe - The Swiss National Bank Warning - Technology and Commercial Real Estate

Why You Can’t See It
September 14, 2018

  - Why You Can't See It - The Worlds Largest Shopping Mall - Where have values gone up 30% in the last year. - International Cost of Living Comparison - Land Prices in South America - I need to earn how much to move there?

Scam Affecting 150 Countries and 50 U.S. States
September 08, 2018

House Flipping Ranking for 172 cities. - Wood Construction Building Reaches New Heights - UK Prices and the 2009 Crisis - Science and Seeing Around the Corner - The School District where Students Speak 100 Different Languages

The Most Stressful Event in Life
August 31, 2018

  - The International Monetary Fund Warning - The California Exodus - Buying a home and Senior Moments - Not Just Real Estate is hot in Portland Oregon - Try Scheduling Your Interruptions

Which Housing Bubble Is About To Burst
August 25, 2018

  - Now against the law in New Zealand - Almost half of Canada’s Mortgages going to reset - Are homes affordable is the state of West Virginia? - Price Comparison Portland Oregon vs Vancouver Washington - Which way would you face in the elevator?