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Pretty Misandry – E018 – 3000 Feminist Points & How To Get Laid – NOT!
February 01, 2016

In this flower of an episode plucked too soon by undeserving mortals, your host fondly recalls last summer’s Online Harassment Melee, during which she received hundreds of hateful messages after posting some anti-MRA videos online.

Pretty Misandry – E017 – Pick Up Artist Busted & Sneaky Creepers
January 23, 2016

In this episode that sprang from the Earth’s core, still dripping with Deadly Feminist Lava, your host groans loudly and discusses why sneaky creepers are always worse than overt creepers--cause sneaky creepers target your vulnerabilities and say incre...

Pretty Misandry – E016 – Hot Stoner Girls & Bisexuality vs. Conservative Relatives
January 18, 2016

In an episode stitched together by politically active wood nymphs, your Pretty Misandrist laments about how asserting her bisexuality has caused tension amongst her conservative relatives. Why can’t she just make posts about her appreciation for hot st...

Pretty Misandry – E015 – Post Holiday Depression & Instagram Doppelgangers
January 09, 2016

In this Very Special Post Holiday Depression episode, Maggie reflects on how every film geek’s Fave Movies of the Year lists are all the same (including hers) and delves into her perfectly rational paranoia regarding her Instagram doppelgangers and how...

Pretty Misandry E014 – The Art Of Dickitude & Dating
December 12, 2015

In this fourteenth baptism of the devil-child named Feminism, your host expresses some serious anti-holiday sentiments that have arisen from years and years of stress, dysfunction, and weirdo relatives. Christian-y Christmas or Capitalist Propaganda Ch...

Pretty Misandry E013 – Jenny McCarthy HIV Comment & Going My Own Way
December 05, 2015

Pretty Misandry E13:  In the 13th glorification of gynocentrism, your Pretty Misandrist recalls fond memories of watching Catfish marathons in the psych ward and less fond memories of years of traumatic Thanksgivings filled with sociopathic family gues...

Pretty Misandry – E012 – Pick Up Artist Surveillance Video & How To Be A Hot Girl Part II
November 29, 2015

On this twelfth spelunking trip into the Caverns of Misogyny, your host spits in the faces of the Comedy Gods by explaining why she can’t listen to groups of old white men talk or be funny any longer. The show takes an informative and personal turn as ...

Pretty Misandry – E011 – Tales From The Psych Ward & How To Be A Hot Girl
November 21, 2015

In the eleventh adventure of the Spaceship Misandry, Maggie says super sad stuff about the Paris attacks and is, like everyone else, unable to make sense of the madness. After thoroughly saddening herself, she moves on to a new segment called “Tales fr...

Pretty Misandry – E010 – Witchcraft, Sex Work & Silicon Valley
November 11, 2015

In Pretty Misandry’s tenth voyage to Rantville, USA, your host decries the classist assholery of Silicon Valley’s “new money” folk after being subjected to heinous snobbitude on a trip to San Jose. Your Pretty Misandrist is a little worse for wear afte...

Pretty Misandry – E009 – Daddy Issues & Purity Balls
October 31, 2015

In Pretty Misandry's ninth excavation of truth and beauty, your host vents some angst over pervy Craigslist posts and the pronounced absence of a female vengeance demon in the modern world. Baphomet, can you hear me?