Prefontaine & Friends Variety Show

Prefontaine & Friends Variety Show

Latest Episodes

#8: March 6th 2016: Pubstomper Interview
March 09, 2016

Prefontaine and Tenages (but mostly Pre) talk with Pubstomper, ex-Emperor of Rose, about his time in PW, his highs and lows, and where he sees the game going from here.

#7: October 11th, Part 2: Politics
October 12, 2015

Pre and Tenages host guests Pfeiffer from Mensa, and MrBooty and Lysanderius from TLF. The result is a free flowing, combative, and fun conversation.

#6: October 11th, Part 1: Mechanics
October 12, 2015

Prefontaine and Pax discuss rebalancing steel and aluminum. Brief discussion of proposed changes to color bonuses and treasures.

#5: October 4th, Roundtable Discussion
October 04, 2015

Pre and Tenages host a roundtable discussion with guests Pax from DHaran Empire, Ole from UPN and Polaris from Ingen. The discussion stays mostly confined to game politics, with occasional deviations into other topics. Major topics of conversation were

#4: September 27th, Part 2: Politics
September 30, 2015

Pre and Tenages talk politics with guests Sweeeeet Ronny D and Roy Mustang. The conversation starts out focused on the VE - tS relationship and recent events, and branches out from there.

#3: September 27th, Part 1: Game Mechanics
September 30, 2015

Pre and Tenages talk game mechanics with a focus on long term game balance.

#2: September 13th, Part 2: Politics
September 30, 2015

Prefontaine and Tenages, along with guests Avruch and Oblige, discuss game politics, with a focus on the Mensa/tS vs Paragon war.

#1: September 13th, Part 1: Game Mechanics
September 30, 2015

Prefontaine talks about balancing the war system, and nukes in particular.