Preacher Men

Preacher Men

Latest Episodes

Preacher Men: “End Of The World”
September 30, 2019

It’s the end of the line for Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy as our Preacher podcast recaps the final episode of the show.

Preacher Men: “Overture”
September 24, 2019

It’s the penultimate episode of Preacher, and everybody has reached a turning point.

Preacher Men: “Fear Of The Lord”
September 16, 2019

Jesse comes face to face with his maker, Herr Starr reaches a breaking point and Tulip and Cassidy face a difficult decision, as our Preacher podcast recaps “Fear of the Lord”.

Preacher Men: “Messiahs”
September 10, 2019

Jesse is dead, long live Jesse, as Tulip and Cassidy get ready to exact their revenge on God, and we recap “Messiahs”.

Preacher Men: “The Lost Apostle”
September 02, 2019

Jesse takes a walk with the Saint of Killers, with Tulip and Cassidy hot on his tail. Plus, Herr Starr suffers a serious setback, as our Preacher podcast recaps “The Lost Apostle”.

Preacher Men: “Bleak City”
August 26, 2019

The Saint of Killers is hot on Jesse’s tail while an angel and a demon walk into a bar, and our Preacher podcast recaps “Bleak City”.

Preacher Men: “Search and Rescue”
August 19, 2019

Jesse is lost at sea while Tulip and Cassidy keep missing each other, and our Preacher podcast recaps “Search and Rescue”

Preacher Men: “Deviant”
August 12, 2019

Jesse meets the Jesus de Sade, Cassidy’s backstory is revealed, and Tulip breaks into The Grail as our Preacher podcast recaps “Deviant”

Preacher Men: “The Last Supper”
August 05, 2019

Jesse takes a journey, Cassidy tries to escape, and Tulip hatches a plan as our Preacher podcast recaps “The Last Supper”

Preacher Men: “Masada”
August 05, 2019

Jesse and Tulip try to free Cassidy from The Grail, as our Preacher podcast returns to recap the Season 4 premiere, “Masada”