Prash's Murder Map: True Crime Podcast

Prash's Murder Map: True Crime Podcast

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42 | Penny Dreadfuls: 3 True Crime Cases
November 23, 2023

In this episode, I’m bringing you a collection of short but grisly cases from the 1800s, which on their own would be too short for an episode, but they’re too intriguing not to share so I’ve put four

41 | John Martin Scripps: The Travelling Serial Killer
November 09, 2023

When a pair of legs washed up in Clifford Pier Harbour in Singapore, the police knew something was very wrong. That same week, a South African tourist who had travelled to the country to buy the lates

40 | The Mysterious Axeman of New Orleans
October 27, 2023

What kind of killer could chisel out the panel of a door and creep inside without waking a soul? How was he so light on his feet that nobody heard him coming on the dark, moonless nights on which he s

39 | Anjette Donovan Lyles: Black Widow of Macon
October 18, 2023

Anjette Donovan Lyles ran a popular diner in downtown Macon, Georgia and she oozed Southern charm, wowing customers with her lemon pie and banana pudding. But behind the home-cooked meals and the brig

38 | Linda Ricchio & Ron Ruse : The Fatal Attraction Killer
October 06, 2023

Ronald Ruse was a happy, easy-going young man who enjoyed surfing and softball in his home state of sunny California. But when he met girlfriend Linda Ricchio, everything changed for the worse. This i

37 | Murder in the Pink City
September 28, 2023

When a family man desperate for excitement in his mundane life created a fake online persona and swiped right on a beautiful young woman on Tinder, he intended to take advantage of her naivety and hoo

36 | Francis Ballem : The Philadelphia Trunk Murder
September 25, 2023

When a WWII veteran was approached in Philadelphia by a man in a distinctive alpine hat, the two seemed to hit it off. But by the next morning, one of them would be dead and the other would become the

35 | Lynn Siddons : The Canal Towpath Murder
September 20, 2023

Why did it take so long for the killer of 16-year-old Lynn Siddons to be brought to justice? This case involved a man who was obsessed with Jack the Ripper and blamed his crimes on his stepson, and a

34 | Stephanie Scott An Australian Tragedy
September 13, 2023

It should have been obvious that for school cleaner Vincent Stanford, spying on girls in the bathroom was just the beginning. When he began stalking a 12-year-old pupil and amassed hundreds of photos

33 | The Gunn Hill Murders
August 30, 2023

In the Peak District in 1977, the Year of the Knife continued with a robbery that shocked a quiet village, culminating in the murder of a bank clerk and the kidnap of his colleague. Could the police