PQRST podcast » Comedy

PQRST podcast » Comedy

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PQRST Episode 55
August 13, 2017


PQRST Episode 54
July 29, 2017

  PQRST Episode 54 — Chapters Twelve and Thirteen of “The Kid”, and a brief synopsis of what it was like to listen to myself reading the book I wrote seventeen years ago on a thousand miles of road trip!  Hijinks abound!

PQRST Episode 53
July 11, 2017

PQRST Episode 53 — In Which a Neighbor Uses Kindness To Teach Will a Valuable Lesson, and in which we also hear chapters 10 and 11 of “The Kid”

PQRST Episode 52
June 30, 2017

  PQRST Episode 52 — Chapters 8 and 9 of “The Kid”, following a quick rant entitled “The Customer Is Always Right Even When The Customer Is A Self-Entitled Millenial Numbskull”

PQRST Epsode 51
June 17, 2017

  PQRST Episode 51 — thoughts on VBS 2017, improv games and a listening of WC telling the story of Gideon dressed as Indiana Jones! If you’re a visual person, here is the link to see how good the costume looked (i.e., the video of the story): https://www.

PQRST Episode 50
June 02, 2017

  PQRST Episode 50 – halfway to 100?  Whodathunk?  Join WC for Chapters 6 & 7 of “The Kid”, a quick introduction to Librivox.org, and two (TWO!) examples of what “owning your stage” is really like…

PQRST Episode 49
May 19, 2017

  PQRST Episode 49 – Questival!!  Also 45 bicycle miles!  And an Improv Audition–was WC successful? Questival video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbpoNknUDbU

PQRST Episode 48
May 05, 2017

  Fourth installment of “The Kid” – plus some thoughts on God’s timing

PQRST Episode 47
April 20, 2017

PQRST Episode 47.  “The Kid” chapters 2 and 3, along with thoughts on DVD commentaries (spoiler: I’m for ’em!) and a bit about having a dragon for a friend. No, seriously…

PQRST Episode 46
April 06, 2017

PQRST Episode 46 The Kid part 2, plus a rant about Buy-Back Games on South Broadway (hint: dont go in there ever ever ever)