Power of Storytelling

Power of Storytelling

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Lt. Reilly 2321: Interview with Matthew O. Duncan- POS 16
March 09, 2019

" I realized that I wasn't writing a short story. I was writing a novel & I was LOVING it!" Matthew O. Duncan - Matt not only talks about his book, Lt. Reilly 2321, but also gives inspirational advice to authors.

Lt Reilly-2321: POS- 15
February 24, 2019

“ Writing had never been a real money maker for me, more of an escape and a dream of one day having million people love my work and seeing stories on the big screen starring Hollywood’s best, yet life gets in the way.” Matthew Duncan -

Parallel: Interview with Christy Elkins- POS14
January 28, 2019

" All of us are imperfect & there is good and bad in all of us. Even some of the villainous characters in this story share a little bit of goodness in at least one of them." Christy Elkins - Have you heard of an Omni-verse (parallel universe) that con...

Tripp in Time: Interview with Matt Stewart-POS 13
December 31, 2018

" The whole point of Tripp in Time is: When you live your life and you have regrets about something that you did or some decision that you made, and things don't turn out right, you have this regret that you wish you could go back and change time.

Faeries of Saizia: Interview with Tonya L Chaves- POS 12
December 01, 2018

"I wanted the main character, Zaria, to be a strong character. In our world today, we need more girl heroes." Tonya L. Chaves - If you love fairies, elves, dwarfs, and dragons, this book is for you. The author, Tonya L. Chaves,

Looking Through the Mist-POS 11
November 26, 2018

"A vague curling mist suddenly crept along the edges of her vision. Oh, no, not again!"  Quote from Looking Through the Mist  - Looking Through the Mist was written by Rebbeca J. Vickery. This book is considered a mystery, an adventure, a romance,

FBI Ghosts: Church of the Fallen- Interview with Jeremy Szekely POS-10
October 29, 2018

"When I got into writing, it was more about having a way to release creativity. The fact I can share it with the world is what fascinates me."  Jeremy Szekely - The author of the book, Jeremy Szekely, began writing while he was in high school.

Disrupting for Good: Using Passion & Persistence to Create Lasting Change-POS:09
October 06, 2018

The amazing author of Disrupting for Good, Chris Field, has created a book that has allowed ordinary people who have been "disruptors" to be recognized for their accomplishments. Through Chris' choices to disrupt the mistreatment of children in Ghana,

The Truth About Hannah White: Interview with Mason Pratt POS-008
September 24, 2018

"Novels are just stories and good lawyers are great storytellers."  Mason Pratt - Imagine a beautiful small town that is located in Maine where people are able to find a connection with nature. This is shattered when a terrible crime has taken place t...

Opening the Puzzle Box: The Trilogy (Interview with Angel Thompson) POS:007
September 03, 2018

"It has been said that our children are a puzzle and that we need to put them back together one piece at a time. Yet, as I sit with my son who has Autism I realize that he is not the puzzle....we are." - The author, Angel Thompson,